CP Pinball Winter Bash 2023 - Certified IFPA Tournament (Dec 16/17)

CP Pinball WINTER BASH - Year End Tournament 2023

@ CP’s Atomic Pinball Arcade :: 102 Whitelaw Ave Wood River, IL

Saturday, December 16th - Qualifying
Sunday, December 17th - Finals

Certified IFPA Sanctioned and played for world and state ranking points. Will be IFPA Certifed+ if reaching 128 players or more.

Entry Fee: $60 - to be paid upon arrival to the Atomic Pinball Arcade on the morning of December 16th.

Limited to 160 entrants.

All games in the Atomic Arcade are on FREE PLAY. No coin drop required.

To register, please email Tyler via email - (pinballderby@gmail.com) with your full name and IFPA # (if applicable). Walk-ins will be allowed, however walk-ins are not guaranteed a spot if we happen to reach the player cap. Registration is allowed beginning on November 5th.

Please direct any questions to Tyler via email (pinballderby@gmail.com).

The entry fee is broken down as $16 of each player’s entry fee goes directly to cash pot to be distributed to top finishers. The rest goes toward admission to Atomic Arcade(and covers IFPA fee, trophies, giveaways, and other tourney related expenses).

Cash payouts to the Top 16 players in Winter Bash (5-8 and 9-16 get equal payouts respectively, while 1-4 get increased payout by finishing order). Exact payouts will be dependent on total turnout, and posted that weekend.


Qualifying: 7 Rounds of 3-Game Banks(21 Games Total). Tiered Swiss Pairings. IFPA (7,5,3,1 Scoring). At conclusion of 7 Rounds, the top 32 players advance to Finals on Sunday. Insignificant Ties to be settled by strength-of-schedule tiebreaker. Tiebreakers for final playoff spot and cutoff spots that receive a Bye to be settled by a chosen classic game.

Finals: 32 Player Finals Bracket. PAPA Style Group Matchplay (Groups of 4 players - 3 Games - PAPA(4,2,1,0) Scoring - 2 Advance from each group). The Top 16 players from qualifying receive a BYE to the to round of 24. The Top 8 Players from qualifying receive two BYEs into the round of 16. When reaching the Final Four, it is the final group as positions 1-4 are determined based on that group’s results. Player’s finishing results(if eliminated in same round) will be compared across groups, and be based on points acquired in that round. The top seed in the given group will have choice of game bank from the finals bank section, no repeat choices of bank made be made by the same player throughout bracket.


:Saturday December 16th:

9:30am: Doors Open/Check-in Begins
11:00am: Roll Call/Introductions
11:05am: Winter Bash Round 1 Begins
4:45pm(approx): One hour dinner break begins after round 4
5:45pm(approx): Return from Dinner Break, Round 5 begins
10:00pm(approx): End of last qualifying round (round 7). Tiebreakers then take place on chosen classic game.
10:05pm(approx): After-party lasts til 11 or later.

:Sunday December 17th:

8:30am: Doors Open (practice allowed on non-finals games, no practice allowed on finals games)
9:25am: Roll Call for seeds 17-32 in Finals Bracket
9:30am: Round 1 of Finals Bracket Begins
10:00am: Check-in for Side Tourney Begins
10:25am: Roll Call for seeds 9-16 in Finals Bracket
11:05am: Side Tourney Begins
11:45am: Roll Call for seeds 1-8 in Finals Bracket
4:15pm(approx): End of Side Tourney
4:45pm(approx): End of Winter Bash Finals Bracket
5:00pm(approx): Trophy Presentation / Doors Close

Optional knockout side tournament on Sunday starting at 11:05am and running concurrently with the Winter Bash finals. Open to all players with no extra admission. Players who play in side tournament who are also playing in Winter Bash finals run the risk of causing an intentional delay. Trophies will be awarded to the top finishers in the knockout tourney. It is IFPA Sanctioned and for WPPR points.

Please feel free to email Tyler (pinballderby@gmail.com) with any questions!!

There are Winter Bash Warmup Tourneys taking place on Dec 14th and 15th!!! The warmup tourneys are optional and are separate admission. Schedule and links below

Thursday Dec 14 - Silver Rush: Lights Out Pinball Tournament 7:00pm Start :: $20 entry

Friday Dec 15 - Draindeer Games: Fair Strikes Knockout Tournament 6:30pm Start :: $20 Entry

Join us at our brand new Atomic Arcade for CP’s annual Winter Bash!!!

Past Winter Bash Grand Champions

2018: Chuck Sanderson
2019: Brian Bannon
2020: Rick Knopik
2021: Steve Rolsing
2022: Travis Murie
2023: ???

IFPA Link : International Flipper Pinball Association

Matchplay Qualifying Link

Current Sign-Up list as we are one month away!!!

:snowman: :snowflake: :trophy:

Adam McKinnie
Andrea Bruckerhoff
Andy Bagwell
Bob Caldwell
Carleton Plourde
Carlin Reed
Carlos Delaserda
Chris Edler
Chuck Sanderson
Clayton Prinster
Colin Krawcyk
Crystal Zapata
Dan Sexauer
Dan Turner
Darrin Bosco
David Whitlock
Deborah Tahlman
Gary Vollmer
Gordon Brown KS
Grace Mehan
Greg Duffner
Gregory Kennedy
Heather Edler
Jacob Fischer
Jake Flick
James Brooks IL
Jesse Schobel
Joe Sharpe
John Miller MO
John Ragusa
Kathryn Strinic
Keri Wing
Kristen Whitby
Kyle Douglas
Maecy Ragusa
Marion Richards
Marq Quiller
Michael LaFrieda
Mike Howard
Misi Ochocki
Misty Hopkins
Nick Kennedy
Petar Strinic
Preston Currie
Robbie Holcomb
Robert Trail
Ryan Knerr
Ryan Willenbrock
Scott Holcomb
Scott Lee
Scott Morrow
Shelley Sharpe
Stacee LaFrieda
Steve Fredericks
Steve Hill MO
Steve Rolsing
Steve Smith MO
Sunshine Bon
Tim Zollner
Trent Augenstein
Trey Wilkerson
Tyler Becker
Tyler Hund
Valerie Iriarte
Vickie Kirner

Est WPPR Value: 114.51
Pot($16 per player): $1040

Last updated- 10:35am on 11/15/23