Could MatchPlay be repurposed for arcades?

Someone asked me about doing an 80s arcade tournament, and I only have run pinball tourneys - just wondering if any of you all have ever repurposed matchplay for this - and if so did it work or why not?

Yes this can be done. You can create custom arenas for various machines. Then choose a (built in) format and you’re set.

I did this at Super Arcade back in 2019:

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Like @Binkley says it’s doable but requires some manual labor. With each update I tailor MP more and more towards pinball. For example, when you add players MP forces you to search the IFPA database before it’ll let you add a player by typing in a name. Same for arenas it forces you to search OPDB for a pinball machine name first. This is to make things easier to pinball organizers, but it does make it harder for anyone else.

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How does this work for new players?

What if a venue has two games of the exact same type and want to distinguish them in the arenas? Homebrews and rethemes?

you could just give it a try, but:

for the first, you first click the new player tab, then type the name, it will try to find an existing IFPA player, but you can just click a button to create a new player (however if you’ve been doing multiple selections of existing players make sure you finish adding those before clicking create new, as it will drop the selections you’d made)

for the second: again here, you can just click to create a new arena with any name you want.

OPDB has some Homebrews and rethemes in it.

For multi it does have differnt editions. But I can see the need to have an easy / fast way to display / say games that are just about the same. Like old godzilla vs new godzilla. STERN JP vs SEGA JP 2 VS DE JP, etc

No, EXACTLY the same. Say you run a launch party and have two or more Pro’s of the same game. This is common. The Expo Sternament is an example too but launch parties the most.

It’s not common :wink:

You can add the first machine via OPDB. Subsequent machines have to be added by their name

I yield.

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I think in the case of 2 of the exact same machine I’ve seen like RUSH LEFT and RUSH RIGHT as their names. I assume the TD added these manually.

Thanks for the link @Binkley - you are always generously helpful.