Coolest t-shirt ever?

Starting this thread because my beau has this great pinball shirt and I would really like to buy a few more - anyone know who originally made it?

Would be easy to recreate but I do want to honor whoever did it this well.

Of the shirts I own I’m a big fan of the PAPA 9 shirt (big artsy pop bumper with the phrase Pop Art below) and Pinburgh 2012. These were both before my time but hung out in inventory for long enough that I bought them at later events. The PAPA 9 is a tailored women’s cut and classy enough that I wear it to work and other places where I want people to think I’m cool and put together. :slight_smile:

Feel free to rave about your favorites too! (But if you know where we can get the shirt in the photo do let me know!)

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afaik Its from europe, although I swear the OG ones i’ve seen the graphic is less chunky looking and more proportionate.

paging Paul Jongma

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I love this shirt so much… my only complaint is that it should’ve been done for PAPA 10, so a big 10 could’ve been placed on the pop bumper cap, which would’ve been realistic… I’m not aware of any games that had pops that awarded 9 points. :slight_smile:

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Yeah nice shirt, great design!

I bought one in 2015 on in a T-shirt campaign. They mentioned there were 40 shirts made. Looks like it is from Gameroom Junkies. I’ll PM the creators e-mail so you can contact them directly if you want.


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That sounds like where Jake would’ve got it too - he thought it was one of the daily shirt companies and the timing is right. Thanks!

In order for it to be the coolest t-shirt ever, it would have to be of the coolest pin ever. I’m still waiting on that Target Pool raglan V-Neck with 3 quarter length sleeves :confused:


I always wanted a Crazy Flipper Fingers t-shirt, but they said I have to be a member and they don’t have a chapter in my town.


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This is my all time favorite pinball shirt. I wore my original one out and promptly bought a replacement.

You’ll need a super cool name first like “Burnt IDC Connector”.


We also asked about an Austin chapter but never heard back. So we went with this. DSD4LYFE :slight_smile: