Comps in NYC


I’ll be in New York (Queens) for a fortnight in August this year and want to try and get in a couple of competitions.
I’ve looked at the IFPA calendar for NY and there are only 3 events listed between now and Dec (with none in Aug).
This can’t be right - can it?
Are tournaments not being ran as much because of the $ fee, or do tournaments just get submitted at the last opportunity?


Check the calendar again in June/July. I imagine most people are not submitting monthlies/weeklies this far in advance.


Yeah, you’re going to want to check closer to the dates you’ll be here. I would say rarely do things get added more than 60 days to the calendar.

What are the dates you’ll be here? I do quarterlies aligning with the seasons at my house and August might be a good date for the Summer version, but I still need to align my out of town work schedule.


The number of tournaments in NYC is only increasing this year, from what I see.

Almost every single Wednesday you’ll find a comp at Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It operates as a league, so it doesn’t show on the regular IFPA calendar.
Every week is a separate comp as money goes, the first three (drop lowest) are qualifiers for the final week as WPPRs go.

I was going to say to watch out for the Brooklyn Summer Classic, but Austin mentioned that above.

There will almost certainly be a tournament in the Oskar Blues Brewery Pinball Circuit in August.

I may very well be submitting a small tournament for a Monday night or two in August, to be held at Creek & Cave in Long Island City, Queens.


I’ll be there from 7th - 21st.
I’ll certainly be attending as many different comps in as many different locations as I can, dependant on family commitments, whether they’re worth cash, WPPR, or just for fun.

It’s ALWAYS good to play pinball, especially in new locations with/against different people.


Is the Buffalo Pinball Summer Open on your radar? It’s running from August 17-19.

It’s about 400 miles away, so not exactly local, but is on the Stern Pro Circuit and it looks like there are a few flight options, if you feel like travelling further afield for a weekend!


Not sure how far is too far. As mentioned above with the Buffalo Open, Delaware is quickly becoming the hotbed for tournament pinball in the Mid-Atlantic. A quick train ride to Wilmington in August will get you access to one of Delaware’s premier events. Entry is $35. Usually around 40-50 people in attendance. Qualifying is 3-4 hours of group match play with top 8 breaking out to a PAPA style finals for “A” division. 9-16th then breaks out to PAPA finals for “B” division. All others go to C for a 2 strike knockout tournament.

1st place in A has been averaging around $300. 1st place in B around $150. Just food for thought!


Realistically it needs to be in NYC, visiting my sister with my partner and dad in tow. None of which have the slightest interest in pinball. I can escape for an evening, or maybe a full day, but certainly not a flight away :frowning: