Comps in NYC

I’ll be in New York (Queens) for a fortnight in August this year and want to try and get in a couple of competitions.
I’ve looked at the IFPA calendar for NY and there are only 3 events listed between now and Dec (with none in Aug).
This can’t be right - can it?
Are tournaments not being ran as much because of the $ fee, or do tournaments just get submitted at the last opportunity?

Check the calendar again in June/July. I imagine most people are not submitting monthlies/weeklies this far in advance.

Yeah, you’re going to want to check closer to the dates you’ll be here. I would say rarely do things get added more than 60 days to the calendar.

What are the dates you’ll be here? I do quarterlies aligning with the seasons at my house and August might be a good date for the Summer version, but I still need to align my out of town work schedule.

The number of tournaments in NYC is only increasing this year, from what I see.

Almost every single Wednesday you’ll find a comp at Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It operates as a league, so it doesn’t show on the regular IFPA calendar.
Every week is a separate comp as money goes, the first three (drop lowest) are qualifiers for the final week as WPPRs go.

I was going to say to watch out for the Brooklyn Summer Classic, but Austin mentioned that above.

There will almost certainly be a tournament in the Oskar Blues Brewery Pinball Circuit in August.

I may very well be submitting a small tournament for a Monday night or two in August, to be held at Creek & Cave in Long Island City, Queens.

I’ll be there from 7th - 21st.
I’ll certainly be attending as many different comps in as many different locations as I can, dependant on family commitments, whether they’re worth cash, WPPR, or just for fun.

It’s ALWAYS good to play pinball, especially in new locations with/against different people.

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Is the Buffalo Pinball Summer Open on your radar? It’s running from August 17-19.

It’s about 400 miles away, so not exactly local, but is on the Stern Pro Circuit and it looks like there are a few flight options, if you feel like travelling further afield for a weekend!

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Not sure how far is too far. As mentioned above with the Buffalo Open, Delaware is quickly becoming the hotbed for tournament pinball in the Mid-Atlantic. A quick train ride to Wilmington in August will get you access to one of Delaware’s premier events. Entry is $35. Usually around 40-50 people in attendance. Qualifying is 3-4 hours of group match play with top 8 breaking out to a PAPA style finals for “A” division. 9-16th then breaks out to PAPA finals for “B” division. All others go to C for a 2 strike knockout tournament.

1st place in A has been averaging around $300. 1st place in B around $150. Just food for thought!

Realistically it needs to be in NYC, visiting my sister with my partner and dad in tow. None of which have the slightest interest in pinball. I can escape for an evening, or maybe a full day, but certainly not a flight away :frowning:

Now just 4 days away from being in NY.

Hope to get along to Modern’s Pingolf tournament on the 12th, if family arrangements don’t get in the way.

Are there any others, or does anybody want to meet up for a bit of social playing?
I’ll be based in Sunnyside, Queens but happy to travel via subway to play.

Drop me a PM if you’re interested.


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I guess that means I better start planning the pingolf scores. :sweat_smile:

Sunshine laundry is worth the trip, especially on a non-tournament night.