Competition - Scooby Doo or Galactic Tank Force

Is anyone familiar with either of these games? Our operator purchased them and asked me what I wanted for this season of league. Having never played either of them, I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction of what would be best for competitive play?

I want to make sure there isn’t something that would keep either from working well in a league setting like scoring issues, reset bugs, exploits, etc.

Thank you!

spooky pinball games have little to no competitive play settings.
and scooby has character blocking and each characters has there own boosts that may not be balanced

Scooby-Doo - hold off for now because of possible character blocking rules, and also overall lack of polish including some possible game breaking bugs. GTF is a little better but you might also want to wait for more polished code.

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I might be somewhat familiar with GTF. :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any specific questions. (Unfortunately, I’ve only played a couple games on Scooby, so can’t offer a reasonable comparison between those titles.)

I was wondering about the ability to remove randomness, jackpots that carry over from game to game, or anything else that could lead to an unfair advantage between players in a group.

The issue with Scooby in competition is easy access to the upper playfield and repetitive play up there with no risk of draining. Until that gets fixed it’s a real time suck and boring to play/watch.

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We used it last Saturday in a big group Matchplay event. No issues during actual matches. We also plan on using it again this weekend for a 60 player event.

While being played in between rounds the game crashed 2 times. That’s pinball though. Bond Pro crashed in the finals.

Out of the box the game plays very long. I pulled the rubbers from the 2 center posts and moved Outlane posts all the way up. I also turned ball save times for MB down to 5 seconds. There is a tournament setting you can turn on. No way to disable the center up post, wish we could because we were having stuck balls there which leads to our next issue we are having. If we open up the game to free a stuck ball, when we close the game back up the flippers are dead. Have to power off machine and then back on to resolve. Take a picture, because scores don’t come back.

@joe not sure if someone from our team has officially submitted a ticket to AP. If not I’ll try and get one over this weekend.

Yeesh, thanks for the heads up.

GTF has the usual Tournament Mode setting to derandomize awards. There are no carry-over jackpots, no lock stealing, nothing like that. It should be totally fair for competition. We’re still working on some score balance issues, but AFAIK score inequities should be available to everyone equally. :slight_smile:

Whaaaa? That doesn’t sound right… I do both of those things all the time. Just tested right now on my whitewood, and high power was restored when closing the coin door, and scores were available in attract after power-cycling mid-game. Of course I’m not disputing that you experienced those problems, so definitely please submit a ticket for these things if you haven’t already done so. Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience.

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