Compensation Ball on Star Wars or Game of Thrones

This popped into my head, and I’m not sure there is a clear cut answer, so I’m tossing it to the hive mind. In the situation where you would give a compensation ball to a competitor on a game like Star Wars or Game of Thrones, or the new Pirates, should that player pick the same character they picked in their game, or do they have the option to pick another character?

Since different characters have different paths to points, and different bonuses, it could make a huge difference strategically if someone is able to switch. I can see how it could be argued either way.

Has anyone had to make a ruling on this and is willing to share their thinking?

If it’s not in the rules, then you can’t force a player into picking the same one. There are always pros and cons with a compensation ball, so I see the option to take a different path as one of the potential pros.

However, on newer Sterns (unsure about JJP) you can just add a ball to the game, so the compensation ball is just a continuation of the game in progress. Always the best solution when its available.


Play it as it lies.

Historically the thinking has been that the player that is being compensated was screw-jobbed enough to warrant a new ball, that probably any benefit of a fresh ball 1 balances things out.

Also, I don’t agree with your example - I think a lot of player’s might pick the exact house or character again. You might get to use 4 add-a-balls from martell with a compensation ball.

The real question here is probably “When you get a compensation ball and then have easy access to re-play easy point scoring opportunities (easy multiballs, modes etc…) is that unfair?”

To that I’d say its the best we got and “Thems’ the nuts.”


I think that’s the case in Stern games, but JJPotc 1 ball meta isn’t the same as JJPotc 3 ball meta and scaling characters would be put aside for instant value. Plus, you’d have the characters that other players chose available to you that were restricted before.

Still agree with the conclusion - can’t write an exception to every rule!


Wait, what? I had no idea. Where do I find that option and is it assignable to a particular player?

In the standard adjustments menu just change the number of balls per game from 3 to 4. It applies to all players, so just record the scores of the other players after ball 3.

And then remember to change it back to 3 balls after the game is over!


Yep, forgetting that last part led to Pinburgh’s only everyone-plays-4-ball game.


I generally will not always have access to the keys for the machines I run my tournaments on, but I’m glad there’s a consensus on how to rule in this situation.

For what’s worth, I do think there is are a few viable one ball Star Wars strategies depending on how far behind you are, but most folks don’t know the rules well enough to exploit them.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

Oops was that on Star Wars? We had an issue and when the judge and tech were over they ruled a compensation ball. I asked if we could put the game on 4-ball instead so the other of us who would have had to play the compensation ball could keep our progress :slight_smile:

I don’t remember. We’ve done ball 4 a large number of times (you shouldn’t have had to ask for it). We forgot to change it back once :slight_smile: