CoinTaker presents the 2020 Abari Pinball Women’s Championship

Abari Game Bar is proud to announce they have received a generous sponsorship from CoinTaker for this event. This will allow the top 4 finishers to compete for a minimum combined prize pool of $500. CoinTaker is a family owned and operated business located in Sunbury, Pennsylviania who offer sales and support for the world’s best pinball manufacturers, including Stern, Chicago Gaming, and American Pinball Machines. They also sell accessories which include Superbands, Art work, Toppers, Shooter Rods, LEDs, and much more!

Abari Game Bar - 1721 N Davidson St. - Charlotte, NC 28206

January 19th - Sunday, 12pm-12:45pm Practice - Starts at 1:00pm

Cost - $15 Enter + Coin Drop (50 cents per game) - 100% of $15 Cost goes back into the prize pool. You may register and reserve your spot now (capped to 32 players) by using the paypal link below:

If you haven’t updated your IFPA Profile please do so at . This will be an @IFPAPinball Sanctioned event.

Group Match-play
9 Rounds / 1 Game per Round,
Seeding - IFPA
First round pairing - Slaughter (highest IFPA ranks vs lowest)
General pairing - Swiss (similar placed positions will be paired together)
Player Order - Balanced
Scoring System - IFPA 7-5-3-1 / 7-4-1
Arena Draws - Balanced


Random single-game tiebreaker will be played immediately after Round 9 if a tie occurs for positions 1-4.

Top 8 Positions are Paid from Pot:
1st - $200 + 15% of Pot
2nd - $150 + 15% of Pot
3rd - $100 + 15% of Pot
4th - $50 + 15% of Pot
5th - 10%
6th - 10%
7th - 10%
8th - 10%

We welcome all women (cis, trans, non-binary, etc.) of all skill levels!


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Too bad it’s on the same day as Ohio Women’s state championships! Plus it is the day after the State Championship series tourneys on Jan.18th…

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Isn’t that the day after the State Championships?

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In October 2017 we formed the first Belles & Chimes Chapter in the Carolina’s (Charlotte) which runs events at Abari Game Bar. It has been announced that The Basement Arcade Bar located just outside Charlotte in Concord will start to run women’s events under Belles & Chimes kicking off Jan. 5 2020. This should introduce more women to pinball and competitive pinball which is great. Unfortunately the most women we’ve ever had qualify for the NC SCS is 1 each year. This event is the day after SCS because it will leverage the same game bank / setup. I surveyed the top women’s players in the Carolina’s using the custom rankings below regarding a date and they approved it. If you know of any friends, family etc. that live in the area and can help spread the word we would appreciate it. We’d love to fill up the 32 spots and have a fun day of competitive pinball. Thanks!

Custom Rankings:


That’s awesome you’re having an Ohio Women’s state championship! We’ll be running one in North Carolina in 2021.

Congrats!!! Great sponsorship and hope it’s an awesome event!

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We’ve got some spots still available and would love to max the participant count!