Code/rules question for Søren or anyone who knows system 11 code

I’m working on rebuilding the rule set for the 1986 Mark Ritchie classic Road Kings. To begin I am rebuilding the rules/code in mission pinball framework. It’s something I have been working on and toying around with on and off for the past fourish years. once I have the basic code down I’m going to implement the extensions that I have in mind for it for my own evil purposes of course.

I’m pretty close to recreating the rule set in MPF however there is one aspect that I am having difficulty discerning by simply playing the game. That is how time lock scoring builds. I suppose the simplest answer to this would be to ask one of the original programmers ( listed as George Petro) or if anybody has an insight such as Robert Gagno who I know is a big fan of the game.

If that doesn’t work I was hoping that someone could shed light on how I might decompile or otherwise interpret the code for this classic game. Any suggestions on where to start would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time and good day.

Isn’t it +50k for every time lock shot when it’s not lit, or something like that?

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That’s the eject bonus.
Initial 10k
Growth increment 20k
Growth event unlit lock shot
Once collected resets to 10k
Can be built back up in mb but can’t collect till next mb
Collected when MB starts

Time lock only builds during mutliball. It starts at 200k and then builds at different values based on what switches are hit. It appears it builds at 10k and maybe 20,50 for other switches but there isn’t an easy way to test this even with the glass off.

My current strategy is start mb then hit one switch then go to instant info and scroll through to see what, if any, has been added to the time lock. …

That said it also appears there may be other factors that add to it.

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Just have @pinwizj ask George.

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Hey I’m not opposed to going straight to the top. I was thinking about asking Josh to ask him but thought maybe I’d start lower just in case I’m a fool and it was staring me in the face.

Love this game and hope to breath some new life into it.

Lol @ gpetro remembering any of that. It’s like me asking Jarvis F-14 questions :slight_smile:

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Yeah… That was my second reason for not asking straight away…hahahaha

Søren messaged me and got me the info I needed. It would have been a frustrating process without some help.

Still have a few mysteries to solve with it but I have a solid road map.