Code install-Stern-Munsters Pro

Hi all-Kirk here,
I have my first ever NIB Stern in the house !! Am getting it set up and doing a few things/mods before it is ready to play.

I am doing my 1st code update on a Stern in my life-:thinking:- and believe all is well-It says v0.91 upon start-up.

My main question/concern is that I saw on the menu something about “Quick” install or “Full” install…I did a Full install ???

How do you know if you need/should do a full or quick install ??

Thanks for any input and explanation !!

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Quick is almost always fine no matter what software you’re installing but the manual could use a little improvement in that area. Item 12 references “detailed instructions… in the game manual,…” but I found none.
Maybe @timballs could explain?


I went thru all the online stuff-Sterns website------The included Munsters manual…it had your above attachment…which is wrong regarding this/these machines.
Inside the head/backbox there is a sticker stating to install your USB into CN9 or CN15

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Quick is fine

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Good deal,Thank you sir for the reply and messaging I received !!