Cleveland Pinball Show: Information and Feedback Thread


Prize pool information: Main and Classics award cash prizes to the top 16 finishers with 1st receiving 25%, 2nd at 16%, 3rd at 11%, 4th at 8%, 5th through 8th each at 5%, and 9th - 16th each at 3%.

I put it into a little chart on the Google Doc if that’s more pleasing to look at than just the text.


Thanks for the pro tip! Karl saw this thread and got us set up with the skipping, so that should help alleviate the queuing issue for this year.

I’m not too familiar with how Tilt Forums work so I don’t know if I can multi-reply. I’ll tag @chuckwurt here just in case it doesn’t reply to his post too.

No texting/notification functionality with Neverdrains yet, so we’ll have to rely on people checking. Now with the friendly skipping and no line-booting it should be much smoother though.


Awesome! Thanks for looking into that.


There is line-booting still but not until you miss 3 consecutive calls with the current setting. This can be changed in the configuration if you want it higher/lower.

@chuckwurt Everything is always real-time, very surprised to hear of any lag. Refreshing the page should always show up-to-the-second data.


Thanks. I’ll make sure to refresh plenty.


PAPA will not be streaming the finals this year. Is anyone able to bring a rig just to record the final round? (3 or 4 games). I’m not asking on behalf of the CLEPIN organizers, just love to see any final events recorded when possible :slight_smile:


Wish I would’ve known earlier. I would’ve brought all my stuff.


Are physical tickets being used for this show? I was surprised when I looked on neverdrains and people had 967 entries left. At 9 for $20, even I find that spending a little extreme :slight_smile:


Yeah, paper tickets. I’m not sure why, but that’s the way they always do it.


Wow. Yeah. That’s a shame that a Circuit event isn’t going to have any streaming. Thanks for trying, @PinballNarcissist. But just now beginning the process of arranging and setting up streaming on the day of the event seems like a long shot to pull anything off.

On another note: my personal opinion is that it should be a requirement for Circuit events to do streaming.


It would be great if this was something Stern could help with on the Pro Circuit next year. There is value to them to have the branding partnership consistently displayed on the stream coverage. They can have branded overlays, swipes, etc. If they don’t do anything, they are missing out. Unfortunately finals streaming in a box is not really practical yet.


I am not sure I agree, even if I really enjoy watching online streaming, first and foremost the quality of the actual event for people playing in it is what matters, not the streaming of it :slight_smile:


Right. But he quality of the event is well established. That’s what got them Circuit status. Now streaming should be #1. I am very disappointed this will not be streamed.


I have to be honest, I would rather see a requirement for quality of streaming at circuit events than a requirement of streaming at any cost. For instance I would expect the following kinds of things of all circuit events:

  • Commentators who are not also TDs (so that both the stream and the event get the attention they deserve)
  • A schedule of commentating so that its not just the equivalent of a phone held up to the games
  • Some level of standardized code of conduct for all streams as well as their chat
  • Some guarantee of familiarity with the equipment and its setup

If you can’t get that together then I personally would rather there be no stream at all. These are supposed to be top of the line best-in-class events, and the streams should reflect that.


Due to Greg’s feedback the IFPA will no longer be streaming Nationals, Worlds, Pin-Masters or the Heads-Up Championships :slight_smile:


Better get Karl on the horn!


It would ne nice for sure, it goes back to resource, time and budget available. I am not sure even the Stern Pro would worry much about the 100 people that watches the pinball stream.

CPS earned their place as a circuit event by being a good event for players, streaming would be a nice addition but we can’t all bribe Karl to come up and cover our events (nice job @pinwizj :slight_smile: )


100% agree. Just hope that we’re to a point that a quality stream is possible for every circuit event sooner than later.


Took us (Raw Thrills) 7 years to get to this point :slight_smile:

Check out this intro!

Just as a point of reference for budget . . . this cost us just about $350K for 2015.


I demand something better than this for every circuit event. :grinning: