Cleveland Pinball Show: Information and Feedback Thread


What’s the harm in having a “low quality” stream? As long as I can see and hear what is going on I would be happier than having no stream.

The only way for tourney streaming to grow is for more tourneys to be streamed. I’d say viewership of tourneys is up 300-500% over the past 2 years. I remember when 30 people was huge. Now 100-150 is common and 200-300 for a finals is standard.

I think it’s great that we want it to be better. But the only way we get there is to keep streaming.


Looks like we’re in two camps: the Josh Sharpe ‘a potato streaming the event is better than no stream’ and the Greg Dunlap camp of ‘the stream should be of a certain quality or no stream at all’.

I’m kind of in the first camp, it doesn’t harm anything by having a stream that’s just video with no commentary or whatnot. If people get bored, they don’t have to watch, but at least the option is there.



Too many people commenting about these things to replay directly to the commenters, so I’ll just reply to them in a general post.

Having paper tickets is a choice of the show director, and I don’t know if that will ever change. It took a lot of convincing for me to get us to use Neverdrains at all, and digitalizing the tickets would be taking that to a whole new level.

I have a jank camera rig and could stream the finals, but it’s pretty clunky and I couldn’t use it to stream anything other than the final round (since it would make it so the games surrounding the game on camera couldn’t be played), and even then I’m not a big fan of having to require players to wait in-between each game to have the rig moved from game to game, plus having to slide around the machines and all that to make space. If I had the money and resources to get a proper setup then sure, I’d love to stream this, but I’m several thousands of dollars and a few volunteers off from that.

If someone has a better setup than mine and they want to setup for the finals than I’d be cool with that, the internet connection in there’s pretty solid.


John Geiger from Arcade Super Awesome in Columbus has brought some gear including 3 cameras. He said he will stream the final three games.

If anything changes I’ll try and update here and when it goes live I will announce on the Facebook papa circuit page.


I hope to see you on that stream… :smile:


We might try and follow a group tonight on the stream…if for no other reason then to just test it out.


Had a great time playing in classics! Hats off to Jeff and Tommy. They run a great tournament. Also thanks to all others involved in the tournament.


The show is a lot of fun. Packed with people or free play. Hotel and people great too.

#50 will do some live streaming tonight. Probably around 830. It won’t have commentary or top down playfield cams but at least it’s something.


Congrats to Phil Birnbaum, winner of the Classics.




what’s the neverdrains link? I guessed wrong with /cpas2017




Neverdrains should have a link to pinball tournaments for week and it will take you to tourney instead of trying to quess what is at end of web link


Finals are streaming now on

They’re moving the rig from game to game


here are the final standings for the women’s tournament at CLEPIN. Wherever it was posted, I think I just didn’t see it. Congrats Louise!



Thanks to Eric and the crew for allowing players to get their well deserved beauty rest after Main qualifying! :wink:


Any word on streaming any of the finals?