Classic Stern enthusiasts! Replacement for broken sling arm?

Has anyone found a suitable replacement for a slingshot arm on a classic Stern? Picked up an exceptionally nice Meteor recently but like anything that works 100% there are about 10 things that need repairing and this broken sling is one. The part is obviosuly not made anymore and I can’t find any other reccomendations online.

PBR didn’t have any?

Possible I have some in my parts bin. They would be from a Big Game but I assume that would work.

I used an A-12664 from Marco to replace one that broke the exact same way on my Meteor. It fit perfectly.

Thanks for the rec, it’s good to know those will fit. I’m ideally looking for the period correct metal style but if I ultimately can’t find those or anything like them, I’ll try the modern replacement.

PBR doesn’t show the correct parts on their site but my searching around indicates that the parts are no longer made and nobody has them so I didn’t ask them directly. It couldn’t hurt but if you have a couple spares, Big Game would be the correct style. Happy to pay you for them.

I would get the part number if you can or send PBR an email describing the game and part you need, then they will confirm if they have it or not.

I find them to be very helpful over email.

I’d be happy to send one if they don’t have any.

I asked PBR about this part a couple months ago - haven’t had it for years, and no plans to make or get any.

Anyone know where to get the ‘base’? (The part that screws into the playfield that the arm swivels on)

It seems like classic Stern slingshots are always worn out and flopping side to side, but the screw layout doesn’t seem to match other games…

In a similar vein, what do people do for replacement classic Stern slingshot switch assemblies? I have a switch that has broken off in my Nine Ball.

I probably have these too. Haha.

The original part number (SW-462) only yields a result for a Pinside post from someone asking the same question and the classic Bally part number is ASW-A1-167 appears to be available only in Europe?!?

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Why not? It should work the same, minus maybe the length, but I doubt that’s changed that much either

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Actually, you’re right. I forgot they’re matrix controlled, not dumb like Gottlieb’s. Would be fine…

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I put the sling mechanisms out of a Twilight Zone into Meteor and it worked great!

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Thanks for the part numbers, I don’t have parts catalogues for these old machines. I’ll track down something equivalent now and build what I can.

Just put a Williams WPC kicker arm in the Meteor sling. They definitely fit the mech and will work (once I get the game powered up and running) but they also don’t extend nearly as far at full travel and I highly suspect they aren’t going to give the ball as strong a kick as the original. I could shift the bracket forward but I’d have to plug the old holes since it’s not a large enough difference and I don’t care for that solution much… I really want to try some Gottlieb parts as they look much more like the original style but they’re expensive!