City Champ IV, San Francisco, December 12-13th.

Put your snow shovel down for a weekend and come to San Francisco in December!

We are proud to be part of the PAPA Circuit for the first time, and hope that players from other parts of the country (and beyond) will come and take part of San Francisco’s premier annual event.

The tournament will be played at FreeGoldWatch in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood and is open to players of all levels.

The format is groups of 4 players, with 7/5/3/1 scoring. After 13 rounds of qualifying, the top 24 players move on to the playoffs on Sunday. We are an IFPA sanctioned event, and will grade out to 100% for full wpprs. There will be a consolation tournament on Sunday for those who didn’t make the playoffs.

Cost to enter: $40 + Eventbrite fee of $3 + coin drop for each game. Tickets go on sale on September 15th, and we are limited to 72 entrants.

For more information, visit

Welcome to SF!


Just a reminder that tickets go on sale at 10 AM Pacific! We’re especially hoping to see the SoCal contingent up here.

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How are ticket sales going? Curious to know how fast tickets sold.

We’ve sold 25 so far. Very happy to see that you and the SoCal boys are coming!

Half way there! We’ve got 36 players signed up. Get yours before it’s too late! :joy:

Only 9 spots left now for those who are thinking of playing in this year’s City Champ.

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Now we need to see some of you nor cal guys at PATL! :slight_smile:

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Next year! The dates doesn’t work for me this year :frowning:

But moving INDISC to coincide with the arcade expo in Banning is a brilliant move to bring me down for that :slight_smile:

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We’ve sold out! As of now, there are 2 people on the waiting list that we’re keeping in case someone drops out.

…And there is now a list of all registered players up on the tournament page as well…

Just got word from our A/V club that we now have a Twitch account set up. We are planning on streaming the event, and I’ll post more info when that becomes available.

For participants, note that there has been a slight change to the rules. 28 instead of 24 players will qualify for the playoffs on Sunday. The top 4 get a bye in the first round. Also, top qualifier gets a $50 bounty. The runner up qualifier gets $25.


Live standings for Saturday will be available at:

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Live standings for today’s finals will be at:

First round begins at 11am Pacific. I believe we’ll be streaming again today as well!

The live stream of the playoffs and finals is up and running:

we’ll be broadcasting all day until City Champ is over - come watch!

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Pix from City Champ are uploaded:


Thanks for all the pictures Gene! If you want to revisit Sunday’s play, go to Thank you to all officials, score keepers, techs, operators, commentators, and other volunteers. You guys rock! Congrats to Tim Hansen, who took the 2015 City Champ title after some very impressive play all weekend long.