City Champ 9, June 20-21, Tickets on sale February 29

We are happy to announce that City Champ 9 will be held on June 20-21 at Free Gold Watch in San Francisco. Format will be similar to previous years. Qualifying is 12 rounds of tiered-Swiss matchplay. Playoffs will be a Pinburgh-style format. Three banks of four games (EM, Solid State, Early DMD, Modern DMD/LCD). Full details at . Tickets will go on sale on February 29 at 11:00AM PST at The organizing team will be the same as last year. @genex and I are the tournament directors. If you have any questions, please let us know. We hope that many of you will be able to join us!


For those who’ve traveled for this, where do you like to stay? I know there’s good public transit in the area as well so places away from FGW but on transit can work as well.

We stayed at the Cow Hollow inn. It was a cheap Uber to FGW.

Some others stayed at a hotel that is right at the end of the block from FGW, but I cannot remember the name.

Wish I could make it again! Maybe next year.

Yeah there’s def some good public transit options as well as Lyft/Uber as well so getting to FGW is fairly easy since there’s not a ton of places to stay in the Haight though probably quite a few AirBnB options too. I will likely offer up my spare room AirBnB as potentially a scholarship (unless an outta town friend wants to come and then they’d get dibs :slight_smile:

I did some research and found that there’s a ton of places to stay along the SFMTA’s N line - if you don’t mind the 20 minute commute, you can find a place for a great price even on a budget right now!

As always: Note that the Tenderloin neighborhood in the central part of San Francisco has many very cheap hotels, but they’re SROs and generally speaking not a place you want to spend your holiday. If hotel prices seem too good to be true, do a little research :slight_smile:


Wait, you’re telling me the Economy Lodge is not the EconoLodge? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up - I mostly use the hotel room as a crash pad so I’ve been in a ton of questionable places, but I’ll take that into consideration!

Reminder that tickets go on sale this Saturday at 11AM PST.

Can I register for two people on one transaction?

same question but for a group, what is the max number of tickets for one transaction?

One person is able to buy 2 tickets. That is the max per transaction.

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What was the time to sellout?

Stoked to get back to this great event! :slight_smile:


First city champ for me! Can’t wait.


Yep, sold out when I got there again. How fast was it?

There are still some tickets in carts that haven’t been purchased and may free up, so it’s not officially sold out yet.

Officially sold out at 11:46AM. 83 tickets were purchased by 11:17AM. It took almost 30 minutes for the last ticket to be purchased. It must have kept getting added to carts, but not purchased. I will have the player list and wait list posted soon.

Player list and waitlist updated on the web site:

I will do my best to keep the waitlist up to date on the website, but if you’re on the waitlist and want to confirm your current position feel free to ping me.

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City Champ 9 has been cancelled. It’s become clear with the current pandemic that we will be unable to hold the event on the scheduled date, and it’s unclear when it will be safe to do so. We feel that the best course of action is to cancel the event and refund everyone’s tickets. We look forward to holding another event when it’s safe to do so.


I was really looking forward to attending this year. Now I’m really looking forward to attending next year!

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