City Champ 7, San Francisco, CA. Dec 15-16. TICKETS ON SALE 9/1

Announcing City Champ 7. San Francisco’s premier match play tournament. We are sticking with the same format as previous years. 1 day of qualifying on Saturday. Playoffs on Sunday. We are adding 13% more players this year. Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, September 1st at 11am Pacific. TICKETS WILL SELL OUT FAST. Last year, most tickets were accounted for in less than 1 minute. Hope to see you all there!


thanks Brian, any format change to get there or just more people/machines for the same format?

Any link for tickets sale or where to get the link?

More people, more machines. Same format as years past. The link will be coming soon. I’ve just been lazy. It will probably be something like

Just a reminder that tickets are going on sale this Saturday. The link to register will be at

Tickets will sell out fast

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I’ll “second” that.

let’s see how quick that will sale out :slight_smile:

sold out already at minute one but suspect the 10-min shopping carts that time out will open up more

something’s bogus, I was clicking every 4 seconds starting a minute early and never got it to open
still won’t open:angry:

Still shows “on sale Sept 1” on Edge, IE and Firefox show it unavailable

weird mine came up just fine past 11am once i clicked on “register”?

Yeah, I’d click on register, it’d say it was too early, I’d exit, then go back and try again every few seconds just to make sure I got in within a couple seconds of it opening up, which it never did, it kept saying “on sale Sep 1” even after 11

You needed to reload the page, not repeatedly click through on a popup on the old page. That particular aspect isn’t very user-friendly for Eventbrite.

Arr. Worked fine for Pinburgh. So much for SF.

Thank you for those who registered. I am sorry that it wasn’t more intuitive as far as the waiting list went. As long as there were still tickets in carts, the waiting list was not available.
Both registered players and the waiting list is now posted under

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I sadly missed the registration of this tournament as I was competing in a pinball tourney on Saturday and wasn’t able to register. Sad to not be able to play this year as this is one of the best organized tournaments of the year and is in SF which is an awesome city to travel to!!!

Good luck with everything hope I can make it in next year.

That’s what I was doing … still not good enough. Comes down to the fact, based on size of waitlist, that there were probably 100 to 120 people doing refresh every second, and only 84 tickets. That means 15 to 30% would get shutout; unfortunately I’m one of those :(.

Stream channel and time?

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Last year it was on SFPins on youtube

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Only streaming tmrw for playoffs and finals.

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Please join us Sunday for the broadcast.