City Champ 6, San Francisco, CA. December 16-17th 2017.

We are still working out a lot of details, but I wanted to at least let the public know that tickets will go on sale on Saturday, August 19th, at 10 AM Pacific time. More info for this PAPA Circuit major will be posted here as it becomes available.


sold out by 10:01!

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Tickets will be on sale here: on Saturday, August 19th at 10am Pacific.

Tickets will sell out quickly so be ready. Tickets sold out in 27 minutes last year. I expect it to be even quicker this year.

Full refunds will be provided up to 30 days before the event and there will be a wait list once the event sells out.


What’s the player cap this year? Found on the official site, 76 players.

Can one person buy two tickets at the same time, or would two separate transactions be required?

One person is able to buy 2 tickets max. Please fill out both names in the checkout flow.

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giving Jim a hand?

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Final reminder. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10am Pacific. My guess is tickets will sell out in less than 5 minutes.


Pissed I can’t make it Brian. Maybe next year!

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Well that didn’t last long at all. Less than 1 minute?

@BMU We’re in!

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We are officially sold out. All tickets were in carts in less than a minute. Last ticket purchased at 10:12am. Congrats to Zach Sharpe for being #1 in quick computer skills. He bought the first ticket. Last ticket purchased was Johnny Modica. You almost missed out!

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Even survived the Buffalo signal vortex!

Looking forward to my annual trek west. :grinning:

A couple of us are coming down from Eugene to donate our money to the City Champ cause!


Just win it


Just got flights and hotel package deal for City Champ. $49 each way on Southwest from LA and hotel was like $125/night. Promo code SAVENOWUS

We are working hard to get all games in shape before the weekend, and I hope that the players will enjoy this year’s edition of City Champ. All participants should have received an email with additional information. If you haven’t, please let me know.

The forecast for San Francisco looks sunny with highs around 65 degrees, perfect pinball weather!

To follow along on MatchPlay:
To watch the stream:


Bummed not to be making the trip this year. Great event! Hoping to catch some of the live stream.

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If any of you are in town early. There is a casual tournament tonight at 7:30pm at The Myriad. $5 entry. No WPPRs but it’s super fun.

There is also the Guardians of the Galaxy launch party / pre-City Champ tournament at Gestalt at 7pm on Friday. $5 to play.

City Champ finals banks have been updated and are visible here. Trying to be as transparent as possible with our games.

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Bank 6: Harlem-BW-GOT

That one looks familiar!

My finals run was like
Harlem :smile:
Baywatch :thinking:
GOT :weary: