ChatGPT and rulings?

Has anyone been playing around with ChatGPT (or other similar tech) and checking how it might work as a ruling aid? I’ve seen some pretty cool usages of feeding it primer info and was wondering how well it might do if given the rules and tuned a bit to help out.

will it know what local rules are being used?
what format of the event?
what game is being played and any rules / issues for just that local game?
software bugs for that game?
will it read talk / Decisions about the rules as some are not that clear?

LOL… Using AI for ruling in a pinball tournament is a bad idea because AI lacks the nuanced understanding of the game and its rules, and may make errors or fail to consider subjective factors that human judges can account for, potentially leading to unfair outcomes.

In case you’re still not convinced… If a player plays out of turn, the ruling should be to void any points or actions made during the out-of-turn play and return the game to its correct sequence.


Why use AI when you have Joe?


Looks good to me:

In such a situation where a player accidentally takes another player’s turn, it’s important to ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of the game. Here’s what you can do as a referee:

  1. Pause the game: Immediately halt the game and inform the players that there has been an error.
  2. Assess the situation: Confirm with the players involved, especially player 3, whether they accidentally played out of turn.
  3. Determine the score: Check the current score and determine the state of the game before the error occurred. If there were any major events or significant progress, take note of them.
  4. Rectify the error: In order to restore fairness, revert the game to the point just before player 3 took player 2’s turn. Player 2 should now resume their turn.
  5. Clarify the rules: Remind all players about the correct turn order and ensure that they understand their positions in the game.
  6. Continue the game: Once everything has been clarified, allow player 2 to continue their turn from where they left off. Ensure that all players are ready to proceed and resume the game.
  7. Maintain fairness: Make sure that the incident does not affect the outcome of the game unfairly. If necessary, consider extending the game or providing an additional opportunity to affected players to make up for the lost turn.

Remember to communicate clearly with the players throughout the process, and be consistent in your rulings to ensure a fair and enjoyable tournament experience for everyone involved.

ChatGPT and other natural language models are exactly the wrong tool for rulings help.

Rules are often updated and tools like ChatGPT are frozen in time to the moment they were trained.
Rules are definitive and exact and ChatGPT can’t read / access the internet. It can only autocomplete the next word based on its model.
The IFPA rules are published in PDF format and its unclear if ChatGPT has access to PDF content in its training.

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I agree it it the wrong tool. But I disagree that it is frozen in time. You can feed it the rules via the session prompt. It is still going to make wrong calls and do it with complete confidence. (Insert joke about human TDs)


My league recently adopted this: Space City Pinball Launches ChatGP-TD, an AI Tournament Director. – Space City Pinball League


Props for HAL imagery! Well played sir.

This is a joke right


You are the tournament director of the PAPA World Pinball Championships. A player is in multiball on Terminator 2, and the Super Jackpot is lit. The player nails the Super Jackpot shot, but the game fails to award the 50 million points for the Super Jackpot. The player cradles up, informs you that they were not awarded a Super Jackpot, and asks for a ruling. What is your ruling?

As a tournament director, I would first need to verify the player's claim. Given that the machine didn't register the score, I would need to:
  1. Verify whether the Super Jackpot shot was actually hit and if the Super Jackpot was indeed lit. This could be done by checking the game’s status indicators and possibly reviewing any available video footage.
  2. Check the machine’s state and settings. Sometimes, game settings or malfunctioning components might cause unexpected behavior.

If the claim is indeed correct and the machine failed to award the points, the tournament rules would typically govern what happens next. Most tournament rules have provisions for malfunctions.

Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Major Malfunction: If the tournament rules categorize this incident as a major malfunction, the player might be entitled to compensation in the form of a replay of the game or the ball. However, this could also depend on whether the malfunction was considered ‘beneficial’ or ‘detrimental’. In this case, it would clearly be detrimental.
  2. Minor Malfunction: If the issue is categorized as a minor malfunction, the game might be expected to continue as is, with no compensation for the missed points.
  3. Game Specific Rules: Some tournaments have specific rules for certain games or situations. If there’s a known issue with Terminator 2 and Super Jackpot scoring, there might be a specific rule in place.

It’s also worth noting that if the machine is consistently failing to award points for the Super Jackpot, it might need to be removed from the tournament or repaired, as a consistent failure could unfairly impact the competition.

However, the final decision would be based on the specific tournament rules in place at the PAPA World Pinball Championships.


new card for critical hit, get a ruling from chatgpt, abide by its decision. the card player gets one attempt to input any prompt they can devise to get the outcome they desire.


It would be a whole lot easier for it to just say “they’re fucked.”
Follow up question: can we swear here?
Also in seriousness all ChatGPT is doing in that situation is regurgitating the rules it was fed and presenting all the possible outcomes of such a thing…so it really didn’t make any rulings at all it just listed all the possible things you could get from the IFPA rulebook…what if you ask it a question with only a single possible outcome? Player plays out of turn on a game for example?


the answer i copied in (ChatGPT and rulings? - #5 by misterschu) was responding to this prompt:

I am the referee in a pinball tournament and I need help making a ruling, can you help? There is a 4 player game going on and player 3 accidentally played player 2’s turn, what should I do.

Oh right, see that one could also save time by just saying they are fucked. All it is doing is burping out a word salad of all possible outcomes with no actual ruling.


Terminator TD says FUCK YOU ASSHOLE

That does list some Game Specific Rules: and some Game Examples Rules:
But the thing with the examples is will ChatGPT get confused
take this part

Applying physical force to a machine in order to derive a benefit from the activation of a switch , stuck ball, or other
other scoring feature shall only be permitted if the benefit cannot be repeated continuously as determined by a
Tournament Director. Nudging a machine so a locked ball moves and registers a switch causing a ball save, or nudging in order to manipulate a feature to begin a multiball would be permissible. Examples include:
● Shaking Bram Stoker’s Dracula such that the mist ball falls from its magnets tarting multiball
● Shaking Avatar when a ball is in the Link assembly causing it to register
● Shaking The Walking Dead causing the Well Walker to register a hit.
Applying physical force to a machine, or using any other means, to manipulate staged and/or locked balls in an
attempt (successful or not) to avoid having a drained ball(s) be recognized shall not be permitted. Examples
● Shaking Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a ball is draining such that a staged mist ball falls out of that staging area when Mist Multiball was not properly started.
● Shaking Game of Thrones as a ball is draining while balls are locked in the sword lock assembly.
● Shaking Lord of the Rings as a ball is draining such that a locked ball falls out of the sword lock assembly

that listed may confuse it or make it get lost on other non listed games.

Take this an player Shaking foo fighters while draining gets the last hit on the Overlord to start Multiball is that allowed under Nudging a machine so a locked ball moves and registers a switch.
I think that an human may say yes as it works an little like the link on Avatar.

But an ChatGPT may pull up the death save / bang back rules with shaking on drain.

This is exactly what I did in the third post.

The only reference I’ve seen to ChatGPT as a ruling aid is as an April Fool’s joke and honestly I think that’s where it should stay.

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