Centaur - multiball deactivated?

Hi, I caught some of IFPA19 yesterday.

First off, a huge congratulations to Jason Zahler—truly impressive performance! It wasn’t just him, though; many of the younger competitors were remarkable as well. Seven out of the Top 8 were around 20 years old, with only Keith Elwin breaking into this group.

However, I do have a question. Did I see correctly that the multiball on Jim Belsito’s Centaur was disabled? I understand the reasoning :slight_smile:

But how exactly was this done? I’m planning to do a tutorial on Centaur soon and would like to include this information. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I believe: Take all balls but 1 out of the machine.

It was setup this way at the beast last year and it was great. I am on team 1 ball Centaur now.

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I asked Becker the exact question on how he achieved that. the answer is to disconnect the coil that kick the ball out of the trough to the auto plunger until the playfield. The game will try to auto plunge a ball for a few times then give up because no balls come out… voila!


Hey - thanks! I’ll give both options a try next weekend. Now the double value shot on the captive ball finally makes sense :slight_smile:

I also found it interesting but not sure if I’m a fan of such a change.

I’d like to know the reasoning behind it. Is it because you can create endless multiballs ?(remember Daniele at the UK open last year).

I have a home ROM on my centaur which has a setting to not allow you to collect orbs during multiball which I use for most of our comps albeit not high skilled events.

I noticed in commentary a few times they mentioned it also stops people shatzing the inlanes constantly to get balls. But there’s a setting which means you can only have one guardian orb per ball.

Like I say, I’m torn on the decision. I get it’s the world championship but why even use a game like Centaur if you take away what makes it Centaur? But, also I appreciate it created a different way to play.