Calling it quits before someone notices

Found this on the mainstream News
July 31st, 2016
Little known and little listen to pinball podcast, the boom go pinball podcast has unexpectedly but thankfully decided to cease creating new episodes. During the final part of the latest episode The Host one Adam Godfrey stated that he has decided to continue in the style of Prince of recording content but not releasing it. He went on to say that he was tired of people hacking his account and his personal private thoughts and decided that posting them on a public RSS feed was a bad idea. The show begin in the fall of 2015. Adam had previously created a number of podcast through the one-and-done pinball podcast. Parlaying that terrible experience into a secret podcast he decided to try to keep the podcasts existence a secret as long as possible after a number of attempts of bringing the podcast to the public it remained relatively unknown. After the 100th episode Adam decided that it was no longer the public’s right to his secret and personal thoughts. One can only guess at what Myriad of topics and potential interviews he will conduct but we will never see.
Given Adams passed in his own ability inability to follow through with not podcasting we can only guess if this is in fact a real or a temporary hiatus.

I’ve listened to all of them and really enjoyed the few times that whoever the secret host is did interviews. Those were great. Solo podcasts can be hard to do. Graham and I certainly have more fun when we have a guest to talk to as we spend enough time interacting with each other. Thanks for the 100 episodes!

From the sounds of it seems like there COULD? be more interviews…?

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