California Extreme call for scorekeepers

As always we are looking for scorekeepers for California Extreme this year. The link to the scorekeeping schedule is below, please put your name in for whatever shift you would like to work. Volunteers will get $20 in tournament credit per shift worked, so if you work two shifts your entry is free! (Remember that we are doing limited entry this year, $40 for 20 entries.) Let me know if you have any questions, and as always we appreciate your support!

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A couple of questions… are there are also spots for “manning the desk?” I would prefer to do something like that to spare my back. Also, is there scorekeeper only qualifying time?

There is not scorekeeper only qualifying time, but I will ask our desk coordinator about volunteering there.

once I get there and see how the new qualifying format play out, I’ll help for sure. Will have more time due to limited entries this year :slight_smile:

There are still plenty of spots open if you’re interested in getting on the schedule!

Has this spreadsheet always said Sat 16/ Sun 17. I thought it was Friday / Saturday.

Leaving for airport in 10 mins. If I sleep on the plan I can help out on the late shift if spots are still available.