Cactus Jack's Silverball Showdown standings and livestream



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So there are 29 players in A Division and 24 of them are making the playoffs?

Here’s the stream. Didn’t see it posted above.

Weird, the URL disappeared from my post. Hey @heyrocker, what gives?

they show up as embedded videos

How’s it been? It looks fun, wish I could have been there. There should be more tournaments with this type of format!!


It’s been great! I agree, this format beats the pants off waiting in line for pump n dump qualification.


Congratulations to the top qualifier, Garrett Hays!
Very well done against some tough competition!


Ahh. Apparently they don’t appear on mobile devices.

And your A division winners are:
Champion- Chris Basler
2nd Place- Robert Byers
3rd Place- Steve Hill
4th Place- Brett Emerson
Congratulations on your excellent play,

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Congrats all!

Circuit points updated

So how was it? Looked like people had a good time from the pictures and comments.

Great event. A ton of fun and ran very smoothly. Friendly and hospitable people.
Outstanding location and condition of pins.

One of my favorite moments: my son learning the value of soft-plunging and implementing it perfectly on Jack-bot, winning his group’s game on that pin with a score of over 2B. :smile: