Cactus Jack's Silverball Showdown 2017


Will there be commentary? I’d love to try doing some…I guess there will be some times when my group finishes early and others are still going on.


There will be as much commentary as there are willing and able players to commentate :wink:


I really appreciate everyone that has just sat down and volunteered to rock the mic at the events I’ve had the rig at. Its helped me out tremendously and is far more entertaining than anything I have to say :slight_smile:


Any chance of opportunities for remote commentators in the future?

There would probably need to be a separate chat for back-end comms between local and remote commentators, but it wouldn’t be too hard for someone familiar with the games and field to pitch in from another location, would it?


Shawn or Dan asked me about this already and I really don’t know how it would work. The local commentators would be talking about things happening live while the remote guys would receive delayed video and audio. If there were only remote commentators then it would probably work.


If someone can solve this problem it would have a tremendous impact on tournaments like ours, with all potential commentators tied up in the competition.


More spoils courtesy of the Replay Foundation


There is ways to stream video separately to remote commentators, via skype, google hangouts, vlc streaming, and the commentators can watch that feed (which is more in sync) instead.

Its rather complicated though, and highly dependent on a good internet connection.


and you would still assume some king of lag, even if small, which could make commentating awkward :slight_smile: Just fly Levi to all your broadcast :wink:


Is that the guy that was drunk on the Pin-Masters stream? It was kind of entertaining for 20 minutes but that’s really not going to help us bring pinball to the masses.


Listening to it I don’t think he was drunk and I don’t recall him saying much of anything offensive. I thought he helped the broadcast with the energy he brought to it!


Stream will be up in a few minutes!


was a little stormy last night - some shots of our place in OKC and from yesterday’s round uploaded too.


No power at CJs… Tournament start delayed for today.


Yesterday bracket:

Today A division:

B Division:


awesome photos, gene! I love how you captured the everyone huddled around in the dark! what a wild weekend…


Is the playoff bracket available somewhere?



A finals:
B finals:


The Silverball Showdown is in the books!

Your 2017 Champion is Trent Augenstein!

2nd Garrett Hays
3rd Colin MacAlpine
4th Art Dodd

Fantastic play and thank you for providing such a riveting final for us to witness!

Huge thanks to all the competitors who patiently and graciously endured a ridiculous Oklahoma storm, power outage, delays, game misbehaviors, and numerous TD blunders. Again, it is you that remind me, at the end of the day, why in the hell I would do this to myself;)

Special thanks to @GarrettHays for his tireless work is setting up and maintaining the elaborate streaming rig, and still managing to play like a total champ! Your efforts truly took our tournament to the next level. Thanks to everyone who stepped up to the mike to provide commentary when you could have been practicing. In particular, thanks to @ZED for delivering his eloquent finals commentary with his typical grace despite getting totally housed by Snow Derby only moments before.

Most of all, thanks to Dan for providing this amazing facility, and to Carolyn, Marcus, Robert, and many others without whom This tournament would not have been possible.

See you in 2018!