Cactus Jack's Silverball Showdown 2017


I just viewed the photos taken by @genex. Amazing! Thanks Gene!

Oh, and thanks also for the help with keeping the scoring software current for the semifinals and finals matches.


Another fantastic match play event held by @alveolus at Cactus Jacks. Running a 64-player match play event is hard! And he does an incredible job. Great time hanging out with friends and making new friends at one of THE best public arcades in the country. If you enjoy Pinburgh – particularly if you enjoyed Pinburgh when it was smaller, with more hanging out at the venue and the parking lot in between rounds – then you should plan on attending this event in the future.

Dan Jacks (owner of Cactus Jacks) is a huge ambassador for pinball by operating so many top tier pins at CJ and through his techs and other local volunteers, keeping them in immaculate condition. The CJ staff is also courteous and attentive.

Thanks to @GarrettHays for not only designing, buying, setting up, and running the stream, but when his car broke down days before the event, he rented a car to make sure he could make it to the event to stream it. His playing skill & pinball karma then deservedly hooked him up with a 2nd place finish.

Also thanks to those that brought their classic pins from their collections to supplement CJ’s collection to round out the EM and early SS element of the format. I know that both Robert Hoggard, Marcus Trevino, and Louis Marx all contributed.

There’s no reason this event shouldn’t be at full capacity of 72 players with a long wait list next year.
Hopefully will see everyone at OKC next year!


Thanks Shawn - I want to thank Fred Richardson for asking me to do some final round commentary when my head space post Snow Derby was less than optimal, as well as Chris Basler for nudging me towards doing it. And Garrett for setting up the stream, especially right before his one game first place playoff with Trent.

I’ll say again what I said on the stream - this is a great event, has been for at least three years. 32 four player games of match play guaranteed over two days, good machine quality and mix, good people. If you get locked out of Pinburgh registration because it’s full and want something similar, this should be on your list.

Part of me almost doesn’t want to brag about the event because it has a player count max, but it truly is terrific.


I’m planning an April trip to OKC, is there a date for 2018 registration?

And for basketball fans the last Thunder regular season home game is April 11th.


@alveolus I think you posted the date recently somewhere else, correct? I didn’t write it down. :frowning:


April 13th-15th: 2018 Stern Pro Circuit is set


Hey @alveolus will we need to register for this similar to last year? If so, any idea when we can start registering? Thanks!


Efforting with the powers that be.

Once I have a working registration link, I will make an official announcement.

@PAPA_Doug; @mhs, contact me, please.