Cactus Jacks event planning and wrapup (2016)

Does anyone remember what time the cactus jacks Papa circuit event ended last year? Trying to make travel arrangements .

If I remember right things wrapped up by 5 or 6 on Sunday

I should end earlier this year as we are only taking 16 to the A finals. Thus only 3 rounds to crown the champ on Sunday.

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How many registered so far?

68, I believe. I’m going to shut it down tomorrow, most likely.

just realized I haven’t got a room - anyone wanna split one? i won’t have a car so trying to figure out the best options…

Gene, I’ll msg you with info on someone from Austin that has a spare bed in their hotel room

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Any place to see standings online for this? And the camera on Kiss all day with no sound really seems like a waste of time and effort. I checked it out a few times today and never saw more than 6 people viewing.

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Thanks for the link!

Gene X rockin’ it!

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He don’t even need the green hair to kick ass!

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A finals:

B finals:

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Ended even earlier this year :slight_smile:

Congrats to circuit tournament champ Keri Wing!


Sorry for the stream fail. That will be rectified next year if we are fortunate enough to make the circuit again.

Huge thanks to @genex for at least getting the stream up for some of the A finals.

Oh, and Keri is the real deal!


Thanks for doing all the hard work of organizing! It looked like a great time.


Paige and I had an AWESOME time. You did an amazing job with everything as did the CJs staff. We will definitely be back next year. Thanks for all the hard work that you guys put in!


Great work as always Shawn…if anyone can’t make it to Pinburgh or is overwhelmed by some of the large tourneys, the Silverball Showdown is like the mom’s comfort food version of Pinburgh. Great competition, games are setup tough but fair and everyone is having a good time. Hospitality of the OK crew is unmatched and if you are ever in OK city or passing through, Cactus Jacks is definitely worth the stop. See you next year!


Definitely worth the trip, it’s a great event. Congrats to Keri, she played great and beat us all.


Thanks all for the kind words.

There were many moments over the weekend during the process of making rulings and experiencing the disappointment (and worse;)) of the players involved that I would think to myself, “Why would anyone do this to themselves?” But by the end of the weekend, I remembered clearly.

It is the people that you meet that are so improbably gracious and kind despite being in the middle of a fierce competition. It is the relationships that are forged through the weekend of battle, the camaraderie and friendships that will last long after the events of this weekend are forgotten.

So thanks to all of you who came and made it such a fun and rewarding experience. I hope to see you all again at Pinburgh!