Cactus Canyon Super Jackpot

Is there a cap on the value/multiplier for the Super-Jack in Lost Mine Multiball?

iirc, its +1x for each set of cleared jacks before you hit the mine. But, its exponential right? 1m,2m, 4m, 8m…?

I feel like I’ve cranked out a 16M, but its a bit fuzzy as I don’t get a lot of time on this game.

Love to know if there is an unbounded scoring opportunity, especially with a nice LM+SD stack.


Edit: Don’t listen to me :slight_smile:

Every jackpot adds 250K to the Motherlode. Every set adds +1 Motherlode multiplier. I believe the multiplier caps at 10x. I don’t know if there was a limit to the value.

The minimum a 10x motherlode would be worth is 85250K + 250K = 102,500,000 assuming no value cap.[quote=“haugstrup, post:2, topic:1903”]
I’m pretty sure the jackpots don’t relight until you’ve collected the super jackpot so the most you can do is 5 jackpots from the 5 main shots before you’re “forced” to collect the super. I’m pretty sure, but not 100%.

Sorry, this is completely wrong!

The whole point of completing sets of 5 is to increase the mult, so all 500K jackpots do relight after collecting all 5.

Further edit: I know there was a video of a CC meltdown back when all of those vids were getting posted to fb but I can’t find it now. I’m 99% sure @sk8ball posted it.

Yet another further edit: Found it. FB required though, sorry. It’s 30M x 10. 30M would be 24 completed sets.

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Million dollar bounty for a 300M motherlode! Still my favorite multiball in pinball and only reason I still own the game frankly.

It IS a really good rule for the super (hence why * Ring Frenzy * is similar), I just wish something more interesting happened with the jackpot and/or motherlode add values.

Edited way later to add: I guess the same could be said about almost the entire game. I wish pretty much all of it was just a little more interesting than it winds up being.

Not only FB required, but KME friendship required!

Try it now…

So, with this SJP implementation being celebrated as unique and great - and on a game, which is otherwise know for coarse, incomplete and imbalanced rules - was it actually transfered to the reimplementations “Continued” and “Extended Edition”?

I am not super up-to-date on those. And what improvements they have brought to the table. But, if the original release featured a great element, it would be a shame to see it overlooked for an alleged improvement.

I actually enjoy the scoring on CC with no real imbalances. The Superstack goldmine/ showdown is not THAT easy to accomplish plus you aren’t guaranteed many points unless you execute the motherlode strategy well. The bonus gets to be huge but again you have to earn it it’s not given. I really like that as a throwback classics player when bonus is king. High Noon can be worth over 70M but again that depends on how many showdowns you have won going into it. The only real glowing scoring weakness is Stampede scores way too low for how hard it is to start. Also as Keefer pointed out all the jackpots are stagnant rather than building in value as you collect them which is a bit odd.

I haven’t played CCC in awhile but I remember the bonus getting nuked and there was no way to stack GM with SD which to me made scoring a bit less fun even though he added some much needed features.

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Oh, right. My imbalance feel about the game is really based solely on the bonus-x with a tall 99x limit. For a permanent two shot/single return ordeal. As far as I know, the orbit shot does not go open, as on AFM for a compare.

When I find a CC it always strikes me, how much greater the layout, mechs and artwork is, to what my memory told me (apart of the revolvers, which I really really hate). And the unique features of the standoff drop targets and the build-up/avoid this shot SJP is also a plus. But after playing it, I am reminded of the unfinished feel it has to it.

Once you complete wild ride the left lane will orbit. The only way to get consistant X after that is during gold rush when the gate then doesn’t open to orbit.

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This game is crap because it does things it doesn’t! :smiley: