Building bonus on BSD

I can’t figure out how the bonus scoring works. I understand rats and bats obviously but can someone explain where the other bonus points come from? Thanks.

The rest of the bonus is the typical switch bonus multiplied by the bonus X (maximum 10x I think). That part is piddly.

Or do you mean the weird extra points you get from Bats and Rats sometimes?

The piddly bonus part. I couldn’t figure out how it was actually being counted. I do think once you get past 10x it’s 5 million for completing the upper rollovers.

Not too worried about the points as everything is insignificant outside of Rats bats bonus and stacking MBs.

It’s probably 1000 per bumper or something. Whatever the rule is from Doctor Who, that’s probably the rule :wink:

Taylor doesn’t know anything about DW, unfortunately.