Building a new pinball site: Pin City

Howdy folks,

Me and Patrik Bodin/PAL started building a new, small, pinball site called “Pin City” a few months ago. It has bee paused for a while, but I’m taking up the development again now.

I’m not sure what Patrik is planning to incorporate into the site but I will do these parts:

  • a very basic “community” bit with a very basic profile-page
  • a chat
  • highscores and probably tournament scores (all the scores from my old site will be there)
  • a forum (with one section, I believe - about the site, we do NOT plan to have a real pinball forum)

This is a small project for me, and I’m estimating that it will take me around 40-60 hours to do these parts. Patrik has been collecting pinball …tournament…data… for a long time and I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting data in there.

Is there anyone here who wants to get involved in this site? You don’t have to be a developer, we need people with ideas, testers, a graphic designer etc. etc. I’m planning to start the development of my parts again within the next few weeks or so. Btw. we’re using Python/Django.

Here’s a screenshot from the old I can’t run the site now, but I had a static-HTML-file saved with all scores from (it’s filtered in the search):

Btw. The highest AFM-score (the 100 meters of pinball high scoring) in the database is a bit over 500B. By MIC/Michael Lindström.

New to pinball. Have a GB PRO. Just joined Pinball Asylum in Ft Myers Fl. Hoping to learn how to fix. I am a retired Marketing VP. My current schedule is attending Pinfest in PA in May. Let me know how I can help! Rick.

Hi, welcome to pinball! :slight_smile:

I do have some experience building pinball sites in the past (, The Swedish Pinball Championships-site, local community sites, parts of the not-so-active-anymore Swedish forum etc.) and I work as a developer. This should be a piece of cake to fix (I’m not sure what Patrik has in store, but it’s more tournament-related).

I’m looking forward to getting all the old online again. There are some insane scores in there. :+1:

I will send you a PM, right away!

The old scores from pinballhighscores are in there now. 581.690.485.250 on AFM (12 RtU) by Michael Lindström/MIC is …ok…!

There are ~44.000 tournament mode scores collected from various tournaments until 2005 in there as well.