Bounty Hunter Weekend at Lynn's Arcade

In celebration of The Mandalorian season three airing on Disney+ March 1st we’re running two Mando inspired tournaments at Lynn’s Arcade in Seaside, CA.

Friday March 3rd 7pm (doors 4pm)

  • Bounty Hunter Boot Camp: Target Match Play (IFPA).
  • First player to reach 30 points ends the tournament (3/2/1/0 scoring).
  • Pre-register via or show up on the day of the tournament.

Saturday March 4th 11am (doors 10am)

  • Beskar Bonanza Max Match Play (IFPA).
  • Qualifying ends when a player collects Beskar Bonanza*. Top sixteen goes into a head-to-head best two of three single elimination bracket.
  • Pre-register via or show up on the day of the tournament.

* = Due to the nature of pinball, there are some parameters guard railing the qualifying component of the tournament. No more qualifying rounds will be started after 7pm. In the event that Beskar Bonanza is collected in round 15 or earlier — 16 qualifying rounds will be played at a minimum.

Each tournament is $5 + Lynn’s Arcade admission ($15). No cash payout, only swag and trophies. Make sure to be paid and registered 15 minutes before the advertised start time. Late players can join a few rounds in. Follow the action at TWITCH.TV/LYNNSARCADE.

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So when an player collects Beskar Bonanza it just ends and how do you deal with players with an uneven number of games played? As that can be bad for TGP / lead to tie braking issues.
Target match play does not have that issue as all players will play the same number of rounds.

Max Match Play does not really do rounds the same way.

and it can go on forever with no hard cap?
what happens if it ends in 1-2 games and you have 50%+ of the players all tied?

Pretend a player collects it in their 12th round. That means that is the amount of rounds the rest of the players need to play to finish qualifying.

There will be a cap for practical reasons, say 8pm. I’m also setting a minimum set of rounds, probably 16, to meet max TGP for the entire tournament. I think it will be a marathon all-day pinball tournament. The Beskar Bonanza “timer” is just for fun and a gimmick. :slight_smile:

20,000 Beskar needs to be collected to light Beskar Bonanza, we’ll start at 0. The game is setup hard. If you’re gunning for Beskar and complete 1-2 hunters and a scope here and there, that’s around 1000-1500 Beskar. I anticipate a below average 1000 Beskar per round (two player games). Trophies are tied to the team who collects the most Beskar (tracked between rounds) so hopefully it will encourage players to speed things up.

so it’s not forced in to comp mode?
and an player that may be on there last ball and way behind can get an mode lit that can act like an Catch-Up / pity mode?

Beskar Bonanza does not work in comp mode.

I’m not quite sure what pity behavior this particular game has but that is the way it will be setup. Other settings will be posted on the machine at the time of the tournament.