Black Knight: Sword of Rage Rulesheet

Thanks, excellent post.

Overall the balls and modes were played “average” I’d say. You know how you can Eventually generally gauge how a game is going by the time of it, and this was a 25 minute game. Don’t think I’ve ever scored that low while going for that amount of time.

Stupid rules question that I should know but I confused myself last night. In retro multiball, what makes a shot worth the max purple multiplier? In the past, I feel like I’ve ripped it up the spinner and then smacked the center target to activate one (ie loops would light as purple in the circle. Last night I did that a good 3+ times in retro mode but nothing ever went purple.

Nothing. You can’t advance Super levels in Multiball anymore, and all new Supers default to level 1. In single ball play, shoot the VUK to advance all active Supers 1 level.

Oh man. I missed that change. Well that has to be a big nerf to the points for anyone used to piling them on in retro mode.

Can’t you start some super modes before going into retro MB?

The driver was just from watching people play the game. Nobody was ever in a situation really where they had to think about it. I just wanted it to be a bigger decision-making part of the game than it was. It also made shooting the drop targets and using the magna-save decisions you may think twice about now.

The Auto extra ball adjusts based on the extra ball % you set in the standard adjustments. Every so often the game will check to see if people are getting enough extra balls. If you have the extra ball pct set to 25% and your location averages 17%, the u turn extra ball will get easier.

My scores are much higher in the new code. So are Steve’s. The mode scoring, the way you can build the mode values, and POWER getting easier are the big factors in that. War Hurry ups help too and i’m glad I set the priority of that mode higher again so people can see the hurry ups.


You do not need to have the auto extra ball on. You can always limit the number of extra balls per game or set it to a fixed extra ball

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Thanks Tim.

I think I generally prioritize catapult, TKK and retro multiballs over the monster modes, so maybe that’s why I feel like my game scores are nerfed a bit. Looking forward to trying to refine the monster mode play a bit and see if that helps.

Yes, but the points are (in some cases) drastically less than before. This also has to be done before the last KNIGHT letter is obtained, as the VUK instantly lights for Retro start and therefore blocks Super leveling.

Mode final scores are in most cases more than double for similar amounts of effort compared to the previous update - between doubling the base, adding ways to boost values, and making the modes “harder” on default settings (more shots!), expect to see most modes score 30m+ without Power.

In competition mode, is it random which Super Feature you get?

It’s always random

IMHO a good change. I stopped playing BKSOR mainly because of crazy exploitable rules. On a pro at Chicago Expo, I somehow went from ~80M to 500M in about 10 seconds after starting Retro. While that was entertaining, I generally dislike games where there is basically one ‘thing’ to get tons of points and the rest of the game is irrelevant. Looking forward to trying the new rules. Looks like monsters are the way forward now?

Monsters, especially with Power. Also, WAR collections and Supers, especially when worked into a Multiball.

Multiball is a powerful way to start Supers, and then follow up with 3 VUK shots to boost them all.

Also, in old code that would have qualified Ransom. Another score loss

10 letters still qualifies it, I’m quite sure. I just drained the ball lol

Also, I swear in my multiballs the drop target is up all the time, so I can’t get it into the left VUK to boost the supers.

Maybe that’s our location setup then - our is set up to no letters and I’m not sure if that’s a newer default or a hold over from States.

So to be sure I’m understanding, you can START Supers in multiball, but you cannot advance their levels?

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Yes. You can start Level 1 Supers at any point, but you can’t advance their levels in Multiball play.

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Thanks for clarifying!

So… is it possible during KNIGHT Multiball to get two balls on the right flipper, flip one up so that it hits the drop targets, then use the Magna-Save to collect your multiplied Super Jackpot? Or is the Super Jackpot no longer multiplied during this mode?

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I feel it is still multiplied…but you cannot advance Super Levels that were not already established before Retro… i’ve managed a 92 million collect with two balls left in Retro. Not as crazy as the 200m+ I used to be able to get in Retro