Black Knight: Sword of Rage Rulesheet


  • Left outlane - Standard. Can be qualified for a virtual ball save after enough hits to the left stand ups. Also has the “R” light in RAGE.
  • Left inlane - Standard. Contains the “A” in RAGE.
  • Left stand-ups - Two standup targets at the very far left of the playfield, with inserts reading “ADD TIME” in front of them. Hitting either target during a mode will add some time. The targets also count down towards activating the virtual ball save at the left outlane.
  • Left saucer -
    • (Pro) A saucer to the left of the machine that can easily be made from the right flipper and is nearly impossible to backhand because of the curved lane leading up to it (possible on some games). The saucer kicks the ball upwards towards the ramp, where it feeds the right inlane. Collects Add-A-Ball during Triple Knights Challenge and starts either Knight Multiball when lit. Also acts as a mode shot and boosts the values of all qualified Super Modes (during single ball play, although there isn’t an insert dedicated to this.)
    • (Premium / LE) A saucer to the left of the machine hidden behind a drop target. Shooting the saucer will kick the ball directly towards the upper right flipper for a quick shot at either the upper loop or catapult. Once this shot has been made, the drop target will raise again.
  • Left spinner (Pro) - A spinner located in front of the left saucer shot. Counts down towards qualifying Add-A-Ball during Triple Knights Challenge. Super Spins doesn’t apply to this spinner.
  • Drop target (Premium) - A single drop target located in front of the left saucer shot. Hitting the drop target boosts the Super Mode level by 1. Once the saucer behind it has been made, the drop target will raise again. Hitting the drop target will qualify the Add-A-Ball during Triple Knights Challenge and change the next lit Lightning Wheel Mode if it hasn’t been locked in yet.
  • Left orbit - A short orbit that generally feeds the WAR lanes through a diverter, although if the lightning bolt insert in front of it is solid or flashing, the shot will make the ball travel around the playfield towards the right flipper and score a U-Turn. Acts as a mode shot.
  • Right spinner - Another spinner located in front of the left orbit shot. Shooting this spinner prior to locking in your mode will change the next-up Lightning Wheel Mode. This spinner counts down to qualifying a Super Mode at the Black Knight target.
  • Ramp -
    • (Pro) This ramp curves around towards the right inlane but it isn’t always accessible due to the Flail target spinning in front of it. Shooting the ramp after enough shots have been made in non-mode play will lock in the currently flashing Lightning Wheel Mode and qualify the right saucer to start it (indicated by the REALM lamp flashing in front of the ramp). Also acts as a mode shot.
    • (Premium / LE) This ramp directly feeds the upper right flipper but it isn’t always accessible due to the Flail target spinning in front of it. Shooting the ramp after enough shots have been made in non-mode play will lock in the currently flashing Lightning Wheel Mode and qualify the right saucer to start it (indicated by the REALM lamp flashing in front of the ramp). Also acts as a mode shot.
  • Flail - The Black Knight’s left hand carries a flail that spins around in front of the ramp, blocking shots towards it and sending them directly towards the flippers (and potentially ending your ball really quickly!). The flail is one of the three shots that can qualify a main mode and it also plays a major role during Triple Knights Challenge, where it is blocking the Super Jackpot shot, and the WAR Hurry-Up.
  • Black Knight target - A target directly in the center of the machine, with a figure of the titular Black Knight on top of it that taunts the player during gameplay through an insert in its helmet that lights up. This is a very dangerous shot that can send the ball out of control if you’re not careful; however, the risk is worth it, as the target helps advance towards Lightning Wheel Modes, will begin any lit Super Modes (“SUPER”) and will activate the Sword of Rage during a main mode if it has been charged up fully (“POWER”). On some machines, shots to the right drop targets might rebound into this target and give you a relatively safe feed to the flippers - use this to your advantage! Also acts as a mode shot.
  • Shield - The Black Knight’s right hand carries a shield that lifts up when the ball hits it to block shots. Similarly to the Flail, the Shield isn’t active during main modes or other times during play. Generally, this shot is quite a bit safer than the other two - it can easily be backhanded without worrying about the trajectory of the shot, meaning this shot is preferable for starting up Lightning Wheel Modes.
  • Right saucer - Hidden behind the Shield is a short lane that feeds the right saucer, which kicks the ball onto the ramp and feeds the right inlane. This saucer can be made from either flipper and is especially satisfying as a backhand from the right flipper. The saucer is important throughout the game, as it begins qualified Lightning Wheel Modes, locks balls for Triple Knights Challenge, and collects Extra Balls and Mystery awards throughout the game. Also acts as a mode shot.
  • Light Lock target - A small standup target located directly to the right of the Shield (approximately in front of the right saucer itself). This is much easier as a backhand from the right flipper than a direct hit from the left flipper. Hitting this target enough times will qualify the Lock for Triple Knights Challenge at the right saucer. Also acts as a mode shot.
  • Right orbit - The opposite of the left orbit and where the plunger deposits the ball. Most of the time the ball is diverted into the WAR lanes, but if the lightning bolt insert in front of the shot is solid or flashing, the ball will be sent out the entrance of the left orbit to the left flipper and score a U-Turn. Acts as a mode shot.
  • 3-bank drop targets - A set of three drop targets located to the far right of the machine. Completing the drop targets instantly adds about 20% charge to the Sword of Rage and counts down towards qualifying Magna-Save if it isn’t already lit. The drop targets time out after a short time so complete them before the timer ends.
  • Right inlane - Standard. A ball caught through Magna-Save will be deposited here. Also collects the “G” in RAGE.
  • Right outlane - Standard. Collects the “E” in RAGE.
  • Magna-Save - This feature is indicated by a circular shape with an arrow insert above the right inlane. When the insert is lit, Magna-Save can be used to save a ball that might be draining down the right outlane. If the insert isn’t lit, you’re screwed. A successful Magna-Save also collects the Super Jackpot, if available.
  • WAR lanes - The standard three top lanes, spelling out WAR. Completing WAR adds +1x Bonus and begins the WAR Hurry-Up after spelling WAR enough times.
  • Action button - Pressing the button on the lockdown bar when flashing will activate the Magna-Save. Don’t waste it, and remember: just because it’s flashing doesn’t mean you should press it out of frustration. Wait until the ball looks like it will drain down the right outlane BEFORE pressing it.
  • Upper playfield (Premium / LE) - On the Premium / LE models of the game, a plastic sheet covers the top of the game, with an upper right flipper and additional shots that can be made.
    • Upper loop -
  • The Display - There are several important features worth noting on the display:
    • Super Modes - The six Super Modes (Slings, Pops, Orbits, Lanes, Spins, Targets) are shown to the left of the display. When any of these modes are active, the mode’s respective symbol will pulse a color corresponding to the level of the mode. Collecting the Super Mode payoff by using a Magna-Save will end all active modes and display a treasure chest that opens at the bottom of the row of symbols.
    • The Sword of Rage - Progress towards charging up the Sword of Rage will be shown as the gauge in the Sword increases through switch hits and other methods. When the Sword is fully charged, Power will be lit at the Black Knight target. A timer is shown in front of this portion of the display during main modes.

Skill Shots

  • Standard Skill Shot (Pro) - Plunge the lit top lane. 750k + 250k for each additional Skill Shot.
    – NOTE: If the left flipper is held in (ie. Super Skill Shot) and the ball enters the lit top lane WITHOUT changing it, a Super Skill Shot will be awarded, worth 3x the value of a normal Skill Shot along with incrementing the base value of the Skill Shot by 250k.

  • Standard Skill Shot (Premium / LE) - hit the light locks standup target on the upper playfield 1.0M +250K for each additional Skill Shot.

  • Super Skill Shot (Pro)- hold in the left flipper and hit one of the three Knight shots (flail, Knight target, shield). 1.5M + 500k for each additional Super Skill Shot.

  • Super Skill Shot (Premium / LE) - Lock a ball in the catapult lock on the upper playfield 2.0M +500K or each additional super skill shot

Lightning Wheel Modes

Hit the center ramp, knight or shield X times, where

X = (# of modes played in current set) + (# of completed sets of 6 modes) + 1
(Essentially, for the first mode, you will only need to make one of either shot. For the second mode, two of either shot has to be made, etc. For each set of modes completed, the amount of shots required for the first mode will increase by 1, affecting the shots required to start further modes.)

These three shots will be rainbow color coded to tell you how many shots left you have (red = 1, orange = 2, yellow = 3, green = 4) and repeat colors every 4 hits (so red can be 5 shots or 1, for example). After hitting any X shots, the center ramp inserts will strobe. Hit the center ramp and then the shield (raised) into the scoop to begin a mode. (Ramp to scoop on the fly from the right flipper is not only super satisfying, but it’s the preferred way to make the shot!) Each Lightning Wheel Mode has its own insert colors, which are shown on the lightning bolt circle above the flippers, when the mode is qualified, and during the mode itself; these are listed next to the titles of each mode.

  • Mud Bog (Green)

    Fight a 5-headed Hydra!

    5 shots are lit (left spinner lane, left orbit, left ramp, Lock target, right orbit) to start. Shooting any shot “locks” the shot in and starts a timer. Shoot the shot again to score more points and cut off one of the Hydra heads and eliminate the shot from the mode.

    A KNIGHT letter is awarded after cutting off the 2nd head. The mode is completed upon cutting off four heads.

    Upgrading the mode with Power (from the Sword of Rage) enables 2x scoring for each shot during the mode and allows every shot that hasn’t been completed to count towards sealing and cutting off a Hydra head. This means that you could potentially finish off the round by collecting Power early on, and making 8 shots to the ramp.

  • Molten Fire (Orange)

    Fight the Magma Beast with nothing but steel!

    All 7 main shots on the game will start lit. Complete 8 of these shots to end the mode; after clearing the first set, all of the shots will relight. Shots will disappear once completed.

    A KNIGHT letter is awarded after completing 3 shots in this mode. The mode is completed upon completing all 8 shots.

    Upgrading the mode with Power makes all shots that haven’t been completed permanent, so you can loop one shot for a fast completion! Make sure you collect this upgrade at the start of the mode; it also works really well with Triple Knights Challenge.

  • Burning Sands (Yellow)

    Don’t let fear be your mindkiller as you battle the Sandworm!

    A roving set of three shots will move around between the 7 main shots. Shoot one of the three shots to lock in the three-shot set. The other two shots will temporarily hold position until they are completed or they time out. In either case, the roving phase will continue.

    A KNIGHT letter is awarded at 3 successful shots to the Sandworm (or one complete set). The mode is completed upon making 6 successful shots (or two sets).

    Upgrading the mode with Power locks the roving shot phase onto the Ramp, Black Knight Target, and Shield. Bringing in a WAR Hurry-Up and / or Triple Knights Challenge with this upgrade can result in some great scores thanks to how the two interact with each other.

  • Wicked Cavern (Red)

    Send Hell Hand back from whence it came!

    Shots alternate between two groups: the left group (Spinner lane, Left Orbit, Ramp, Target) and the right group (Target, Shield, Lock Target, Right Orbit). To start, a shot will be randomly lit out of the 4 shots of the left group. Shooting this shot will randomly light one of the 4 shots of the right group. This series repeats four times, with an additional random shot in the group added per cycle.

    A KNIGHT letter is awarded upon completing 3 shots. The mode is completed upon completing the fourth cycle.

    Upgrading the mode with Power (from the Sword of Rage) changes the mode so that all 4 shots will be lit for all 4 cycles.

  • Deep Freeze (Blue)

    Give the Lich Lords the cold shoulder!

    3 shots are lit in blue (left spinner lane, ramp, right orbit). Shooting a blue shot freezes a Lich and turns the shot red. Shooting a red shot awards more points and defeats the Lich at that shot and any other red shots that are lit, awarding a larger bonus for each. Once a Lich is defeated, another blue shot will be lit (left orbit for left spinner lane, Black Knight target for ramp, Lock target for right orbit). Shooting this shot adds a new Lich so you can beat on them even more!

    A KNIGHT letter is awarded after the 2nd defeated Lich. The mode is completed upon defeating 4 Lich Lords.

    Upgrading the mode with Power (from the Sword of Rage) changes the mode so that the 6 shots used in the mode all count as one-shot Lich kills.

  • Black Castle & RAGE Multiball (Purple)

    Get ready for battle, here’s the Black Knight!

    Black Castle is a 99 second timed mode (as opposed to the others) where the goal is to defeat the Black Knight by completing four outer loop shots. The only problem - to light them, you have to make shots to some of the most dangerous targets in the game without draining the ball! The mode starts with the flail, Black Knight target, and shield lit. Hitting all three of these shots will light all four of the remaining shots. When one of the outer loops is made, the three inner shots will relight, except the flail will be spinning faster and the shield will kick back the ball far more violently. Once all four outer shots have been completed, the saucer behind the shield will light to finish off the Black Knight - scoring a bonus based off of the time that was remaining in the mode - and begin Rage Multiball. Rage Multiball is a 6-ball multiball, in which the knight target is always lit for a frenzy bonus, starting at one million per hit, and incrementing linearly by an amount presumably related to the time remaining when Black Castle was completed (needs confirmation).

    No KNIGHT letters or Power bonuses can be collected/used. After playing Black Castle, mode progression resets with the number of hits required to start increased by 1.

    This mode will ALWAYS be the last mode played in a cycle. After this mode has been played, you will be able to choose from the other five modes once more.

Other Mode Things

Mode timer is at the top right above the sword and starts at 65 seconds, with the exception of Black Castle at 99 seconds. Time can be added by hitting the Add Time standups on the left (~3 seconds per target hit, 10 seconds per completion).

The base values of each mode increase by 200k for each completed mode and 950k once a lap of modes is completed, although these boosts reset from ball to ball. You can also boost the base values by a small amount by shooting the spinning flail when a mode is lit; these boosts also reset.

On recent code revisions, modes in progress carry over from ball to ball. Time is automatically added if the timer for a mode is under a certain threshold when the ball drains.

Super Modes

Untimed Super Modes (Lanes, Slings, Spinner, Orbits, Targets, Pops) are started by hitting a sufficient number of right spinner turns, which then light the Super standup to begin a Super Mode. There is no way to know which mode you’ll get, so good luck…

Super Modes remain active until the ball drains, and you can shoot the left lane to boost the values of all active Super Modes when any of them are running. Orbits + standup can activate subsequent super modes in a stack. Super Modes are maxed when their icon (and accompanying playfield insert) turn purple.

Successfully using the Magna-Save to save a ball will end all active super modes and award a Super Jackpot award worth the value of the Super Mode scoring (after playfield multipliers during KNIGHT Multiball are applied.)


U-Turns are a quick way to score points and light an Extra Ball. Once an orbit is shot once, the light in front of the orbit will turn red to indicate that it will begin the U-Turn sequence. Make U-Turns without making any other shots to score additional points. An adjustable number of U-Turns will light an Extra Ball. There’s also a champion score for most U-Turns collected in a game.

WAR Hurry-Up

Players can earn big points and potentially even KNIGHT letters early on by completing WAR Hurry-Ups. Completing the top lanes will increase the bonus multiplier and light all three of the center shots for a hurry up; each shot has a base value starting at 3 million, increasing with pop bumper hits, and maxing out at 25 million. The flail has to be hit in order to shoot the ramp (although if you’re really lucky, you can make it in one shot!) and on subsequent attempts, the shield must be hit once to collect its hurry up (although Mystery takes priority). Collecting all three awards will light the Black Knight target to complete the round and score a KNIGHT letter. More lane completions will be required to begin the hurry-up on subsequent attempts.

Triple Knights Challenge

Hit lock standup to light a lock at the shield lane. Collect the Lock to re-light the target for the next Lock. Subsequent Triple Knights Challenge MB’s require multiple standup hits to lite each lock.Three virtual locks start this 3-ball Multiball round. Triple Knights Challenge works in two phases:

Phase 1

During Phase 1, the three Knights challenge you! Defeat these skeletal knights by shooting the left spinner lane, ramp, and Shield lane. Both the Ramp and Shield will be in their normal “open” configuration.

After completing these 3 shots, the Ramp will be lit for a hurry-up that will start Phase 2. The Knight’s flail will be spinning rapidly, and can be stopped temporarily by making partial progress on the ramp/hitting the flail ball. Shooting this shot awards the hurry-up value (starts at 2 million, increasing by 1 million for subsequent playthroughs) and sets the Jackpot value for phase 2.

Phase 2

During Phase 2, it’s time to take all the money! All shots will be lit for Jackpots based on the value you collected at the end of phase 1. Complete all of the shots to light the Ramp for a Super Jackpot, worth 3x the value of the Jackpot and a KNIGHT letter. Similar to the end of Phase 1, the Phase 2 completion will require a pass-through on the flail, which is only temporarily stopped on a hit. The Multiball will return to Phase 1 (but with boosted scoring) after this Super Jackpot is collected.

Collecting enough spins at the left spinner during Triple Knights Challenge will light the Add-A-Ball on the left spinner lane, which is then collected by a subsequent shot. On the Premium / LE, the drop target serves this function.

For each subsequent Multiball, the number of target hits to light a lock increases by 1.

The Sword of Rage & Power

The sword meter on the right side of the display is filled via right drop target hits and miscellaneous switch hits. Individual targets give a small bump (1%) while drop target bank completions or shots to the center target will give a decent bump (around 20%). Once the sword is filled, the POWER target will light on the knight. Starting the POWER feature when lit during a mode will begin 2x Scoring for the mode, along with modifying the mode to make it easier to complete. Note that the Sword CANNOT be used on the Black Knight!

The meter begins less and less full the more modes you play. On default settings, the meter will start at 70% for the first activation, then lower to 40% for the second activation, then lower to 0% for all further activations.

KNIGHT Letters & Wizard Modes

KNIGHT letters are spotted by sufficient mode progression, completing WAR Hurry-Ups (1 letter per completed hurry-up sequence), and collecting the super jackpot during phase 2 of Triple Knights Challenge (1 letter per Super). By default, “K” and “N” are lit at the start of the game, meaning four letters will complete the word for the first go-round, then six letters for subsequent completions.

Two high-scoring modes are accessible by completing KNIGHT and then shooting the left spinner lane. These can be accessed at any time in single ball play (except during Multiball) and, if started during a mode and/or WAR Hurry-up, it will end both modes (without any compensation).

KNIGHT Multiball: It’s a throwback to the original Black Knight, complete with the old score display, original music, and, most importantly, multiplied scoring during KMB. During this Multiball, the playfield values are multiplied by the number of active balls, but no progression can be made towards any other feature except Super Modes (qualifying, starting, plus building and collecting the Super Jackpot value). Super Modes cannot be “boosted” any further during KMB, except the initial shot that begins KMB will give you one final Supers Boost. Jackpots are lit on various shots throughout the playfield, and are re-lit when a set of Jackpots are complete. These Jackpots aren’t too worthwhile; instead, you should spend this Multiball going for the right spinner and Black Knight target to start and build as many Super Modes as possible.
The prior exploit of Super Spins during KMB has been nerfed, and Super Lanes exploit has been nerfed by the Knight’s flail running continuously on the ramp.

The King’s Ransom: Completing KNIGHT for the second time in one game will begin The King’s Ransom, a throwback to the first ever wizard mode in pinball (from Black Knight 2000). This is a minute-long 3-ball multiball with an unlimited ball saver for its duration. At the beginning of the mode, 5 bonus multipliers will be added to the total and the Extra Ball will light. Jackpots can be collected by shooting the Flail, either orbit, or by completing the WAR lanes.


By completing RAGE lanes, the Mystery will be lit at the (raised) shield. Mystery can award the following things:

  • 2m / 3m / 4m / 5m Points
  • Hold Bonus (score only)
  • Light Lock (advance lock progression by 1 target hit, not a true “light lock.” Will award the lock immediately if 1 hit away from lighting)
  • Spot WAR lanes (progression towards WAR hurryups + 1 bonus X)
  • Add Bonus X (just 1 bonus X)
  • Add KNIGHT Letter
  • Light Super (Qualifies a Super Feature at the Knight target)
  • Advance Save (Advances left ball save progression by 1 target set)
  • Light Magna Save
  • Light Extra Ball

End of Ball Bonus

End of Ball Bonus is split into 3 categories:

  • Base Bonus - Switches 'n stuff.
  • Super Modes - 25k per Super Mode played during the ball.
  • Combos - (value) per Combo scored during the ball (at either orbit). Replaced with U-Turns?

Bonus can be held via Mystery award, and Bonus X can be advanced by Mystery award or WAR lanes.

Ball Saves & Extra Balls

  • Ball Save: Completing the two “Add Time” targets enough times will qualify the left outlane for a virtual ball save. The amount of target hits required for this ball save increases every time it is used.
  • Magna-Save: Returning from Black Knight 2000 is a Magna-Save feature above the right inlane. Press the action button when the ball is about to drain down the right outlane to save it using a magnet. After the Magna-Save is used, complete the drop targets to relight it. Don’t waste your Magna-Save at the end of a ball, it isn’t Iron Bank or a VIP Pass. Using the Magna-Save also scores your Super Jackpot.
  • Extra Balls: Three extra balls can be lit through standard methods in the game, and are collected at the saucer behind the shield. Completing Lightning Wheel modes (1 mode by default) will light the right saucer for Extra Ball. Extra Ball can also be lit as an award off of Mystery, by collecting an adjustable number of U-Turns, or by starting The King’s Ransom.


  • Stacking modes with Triple Knights Challenge can be lucrative, especially for Black Castle!
  • Chase down KNIGHT letters - the Knight Multiball can be EXTREMELY valuable with Super Modes running.
  • Learn to post catch on the right to make the Lock Target easier to hit.
  • Try to keep both ball saves lit at all times, or at least the Magna Save. Don’t be afraid to hit the button to use the Magna Save!


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It seems that you light add a ball by shooting left orbit shot. can anyone confirm?

That’s what I’m seeing too, although sometimes it seems like it takes two left orbit shots to light it while other times it only takes one. Not sure if you can bank an orbit shot before starting MB or if it’s just an increase in difficulty for the second trip to MB.

Interim edit saved, back to Kickback for more labbing and dinner/Great British Bake Off watching in the meantime. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any good video tutorials out there for this yet? Playing a pro version in a tournament this weekend and looking for strategies if anyone has recommendations.

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This game gets comparisons to GoT, but I’m more of the opinion that it’s like Dialed In.

The left targets (time) light the virtual kickback on the left, while the drop targets light the Magna Save. Having at least the Magna Save on is critical and worth going for.

Triple Knights Challenge is similar to Doc Ock MB in which you post catch, pound on the lock target, lock ball, post catch, repeat. Watch for right side drains from the lock target!

For hitting BK to start modes, I like target over flail over shield with regards to priority.

Don’t scoff at War Hurryups - the KNIGHT letters from completing them are great.

Don’t burn The Power on a mode soon to end since it expires at the end of the mode.

Strategies on the game are pretty fluid - play modes, preferably with Multiball stacked in. Magma Beast is best played single ball since it’s 5 shots. Every other mode is fine in both single and multiball play.

Always be lighting Magna Save and don’t hesitate to use it.


(apologies for double post)

Completed the knowledge dump for BKSoR. I do have one grievance which is why am I learning game features by means of NIB malfunctions? The only reason I know the Super Modes are spinner dependent is because that spinner is currently stuck sideways…

Edited the title to reflect the full name of the game since “Black Knight” is technically a different game that someone could be searching for.

Added 2 Power interactions, minutiae, and holy crap Knight Multiball is crazy good scoring.

There appears to be a third skill shot that I have yet to successfully hit - holding the left flipper to set up the super skill shot also appears to lock whatever WAR lane is lit for an increased valueshot to be skillfully plunged.


Anyone seen this? Looks like the left orbit/vuk likes to give out some big points at random during Multiballs.

My confidence in @timballs would lead me to assume this is not random.

Reminds me of the time when AC/DC was used in a tournament for the first time. Trent got the Song Jackpot during Album Multiball and everyone was like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS RANDOM 40 MILLION AWARD?!?! He didn’t fire the cannon, but the game THINKS he fired the cannon and scored the Song Jackpot. I called Lyman immediately to report this insanely random bug. Lyman’s response - “The game is behaving correctly” :slight_smile:


I’m willing to bet that the display said “Song Jackpot” (or “Song Bonus”) when it happened, and that’s a big difference here.

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Same response when Metallica didn’t award your Crank it Down 5M at IFPA13? :wink:

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Just keep shooting the left orbit when lit this weekend until we know how those MBs work.

LOL . . . that one he genuinely felt bad about. I didn’t even have to call him since he was there, so I just yelled really loudly at him :slight_smile:

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Yeah that was a rough one. I use it as an example when I’m telling local players “never assume anything” until the score is displayed.

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That there is simply a collect of a super-spinner feature! 40 mil is child’s play - Escher and Zach M play for super-spinner during the K-N-I-G-H-T mb with 3X scoring and they’ve manage 200-300 mil collects! lol… You start super features by hitting enough inner-loop spinner, and it lights on the center target, but it’s “random” which one you get… They all suck, it seems, except super-spinner which is SUPER OP at the moment… You can build on either spinner, but the collect occurs on the left spinner… The fun comes in that you can keep adding Super features (pops, slings, orbit, etc.) and your super timer resets, so you can keep super-spinner going for a LONG time… Once you hit that left spinner, you’re done. At the moment, this “feature” is like HOTK on GoT. If your opponent does the “thing” and you don’t you might as well give up at that point, or try the long road back to 3X K-N-I-G-H-T mb… The only bummer here is that the super award is “random”, as far as we can tell, so sometimes you get it first try, other times you have to hit spinners and center shots over and over til you get it. As always, YMMV.