Best tournament software settings for iron maiden?

Hi, we are having IMDN pro in knockout tonight, and despite how great itis, its a long playing game. Long ball savers, tons of add a balls in mb etc.

Any tips on the best software settings for tournaments?


Set it to tourney play. Turn off initial unearned ball save. Remove left Outlane post. Tighten your slings sensitivity. Tight, but not unreasonable tilt.

I find it also helps if you lower ball save time for multiballs to 5 seconds. Active slings and open outlines are the key. If you still feel too long playing then you can get more extreme and remove rubber from inlanes and put on lightning flippers.

Installing competition mode automatically puts revive and trooper lock on hard. Every multiball has ball saver adjustments for both start and add-a-ball. I would also remove the right inlane rubber.

Thanks for replies, will bastardize this a little bit. :slight_smile:


Revive on hard and inlane rubbers removed is pretty significant. That’s been a major difference from the other one I play on factory settings

On my game at home I have got ball times pretty low as well as scores. The first day I had the game I left all settings at default and I could easily score 200-300 million. Since then I have tightened the tilt bob up, set the debounce to 700, lowered all my MB ball saves to 5 seconds, lowered regular ball save to 1 second, and set the skill shot ball save to zero. I have not touched the rubbers, slings, or posts yet and this makes a HUGE difference. Breaking 100 million now is tough, happens once every 20 games. For example during Trooper MB, after the game autofires the other 2 balls into the lock position, once the gate drops to begin MB, you pretty much cannot lose a ball. If you do the ball save is already over.

If players are lengthening ball times with judicious nudging, this is probably one of the best ways to go. Tighten the tilt slightly and adjust the debounce down a bit.

Players should be given prior knowledge if you adjust debounce; most players don’t know it exists and will not be happy with you/IMaid if it’s not brought up.