"Best" number of balls in a multiball

Not best game with a multiball, but how many balls in a multiball is “best”?

I’m a fan of 2-3 ball multiballs. While a multiball with lots of balls is kinda fun initially, it seems a bit too chaotic for me. What do others think?

3 at a minimum. I also like 6 ball multiballs that are timed based (like cherry bomb and Can’t Stop This). If those were 2-3 balls they would be way too easy. Makes it more challenging/rewarding to constantly feed 6 balls out there.

3 is perfect. Anything more than 4 is annoying.

I do appreciate a good 2 ball with no ball save though - Creature, Radical, etc.


Does it really matter for modern pinball with auto plunger + ball saver + spray the playfield JPs?

I love the stacked multiball in black knight SOR



I really enjoy a good two ball multiball with either very specific objectives (single jackpot shot) or no worthwhile objective (use it to advance other features). Can’t be too hard to get to though since it’ll probably end quick.

On the other hand just dumping a ton of balls on the playfield for some pure chaos as a reward (like Star Wars Victory Multiball) can be really satisfying.

In the middle, I feel like 3 and 4 ball multiballs generally end up as just ‘flail around during ball save’ and then sorta wave one good bye once you trap up so you can work easily with the 2 left for some controlled play


Different Multiball goals and difficulties marry up with different optimum number of balls.

I also like 3. But I’ve also come to enjoy the challenge of the new JP Raptor Tri-ball Chaos phase where you get 5-6 balls on a very short ball save, and the SJP values based on # of balls still in play.


Three. On so many games, my goal in MB is to get one ball cradled, then shoot jackpots with the other flipper. Two games that come to mind for this is WWind and ST (Vengeance MB). Three balls gives me one throwaway ball in case one drains. Start with three, cash in with two.

I’m pretty sure the correct answer is 13. :rocket:


I like the 2-ball hotel multiball in Shadow with specific objectives.


Depends on the rules surrounding the multiball as well as the layout. Building up to 5-balls on Cyborg Multiball is really satisfying, plus it’s a fun layout for 5 balls.

We can go higher with no switch matrix limits in newer hardware.

sure, more than 3 or 4 balls means a huge percentage of your long shots are going to be blocked by other balls. i dont know if that necessarily means i’m “against” them, though. no matter what, getting a 6-ball multiball is an exciting “holy shit” moment for players, especially new players or novices.

Apollo 13 probably illustrates the diminishing returns perfectly, though. how cool is it, really, watching 6 or 7 balls drain immediately? is it really any more fun than playing the Final Frontier on STTNG? Although I do think STTNG’s 6-ball is helped by the fact that it’s a widebody with a huge open playfield, and plenty of subway space for balls to occupy for 3-4 valuable seconds at a time.

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also Funhouse. “Quick Multiball”

I would say it also depends on the feed back in to play during the initial ball saver, or the initial start

If it’s a feed to the flippers it gives you at least some illusion of control. E.g. I500, AIQ, etc.

If they’re just dumped on then playfield you can write off a couple of balls anyway. A13, IJ, etc.

One thing I really would like to see changed is the automatic ball saver when you get an add a ball removed.
It effectively becomes add 2 balls, or even more.

I don’t believe that there is a specific setting to turn off that add a ball in any machines. It’s all or nothing.

The new GNR doesn’t necessarily give you a ball save for add a ball. And you can turn the add a balls off completely if you want.

Is there a better 2-ball multiball out there than Creature’s? I can’t think of one. Most of the now-classic 2-ball MB’s are “quick” MB with very simple rules And the more in-depth Multiball rules were saved for the “main” MB that was typically 3+ balls. Creature’s 2-ball is the “main” multiball with multiple phases and great nuance of multiplying your scoring, foregoing progress to keep your Re-Start still available, etc.


I think it depends if it fits the theme and isn’t too excessive. I like the 4 and 6 balls in the newer games like Hot Wheels and Avengers. Glad it is not always 4 or 6 balls.