Best Maiden Bug Ever

Credit to Zach Parks for telling me about this and credit to Zach McCarthy for figuring out the best way of maximizing the scoring.

To keep things short, you can completely freeze every timer in flight of icarus. Not only does the mode timer not run, the combo timer wont run either meaning you can get insane scores very quickly. I’m not 100% sure if playfield X’s time out or not, but there’s a chance they will freeze as well.

The set-up is actually quite easy. All you have to do is start mummy stacked in with icarus (works on both prem and pro). You immediately cradle up and time out the ballsaver. Hit the right ramp once and drain one of the balls and cradle up again without hitting anything. The animation of the Mummy total will come up, and now the game is temporarily soft-locked.

Now the catch to it is that it is very delicate, and random things will unlock you from the state. For example, sometimes completing a power jackpot will unlock the game, and other times it will not. Any major animation will unlock it like collecting a power jackpot or locking a trooper ball. Hitting both flippers together will unlock it and sometimes it will random unlock itself.

The scoring potential is insane, and Zach McCarthy already has multiple games over the 10b mark. I would love to see a game get past a trillion before it gets patched. Let me know if you have any questions on getting it to work and I can provide a video if needed. Good luck!

Stern is already aware of the bug, and it will hopefully be patched soon.

Zach McCarthy’s best, 2b icarus and 16b in TMTM.


Need a new call out, “Flight of Trickarus”…


Amazing find!

Maybe this will finally trigger the release of the long-awaited IMDN code update. :slight_smile:


Interesting to see this explained…have definitely noticed the timer freezing on Icarus during Mummy and I’m pretty sure Trooper as well…I also feel like I’ve seen it freeze on Hallowed before(I tend to stack MBs with Hallowed). Is this confirmed to only be specifically on Mummy/Icarus?

Fun weekend objective.
Tried a couple of times and was able to get it going once. Didn’t do anything too exciting, but I definitely had the timers stopped.




But I may still wanna buy tickets to last years’ tour and I need to know when they’ll be nearby. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bravo Zach!

This is what we needed to get that final update with bug fixes.

Keep dreaming :joy:


So I streamed on Top Rope Pinball today and was able to get into the bug 5-6 times but not maximize scoring. Tricky to not accidentally restart the timers.

NOTE: If you have build the playfield multiplier and start it AFTER you are in the bug, the playfield x stays on. If you start playfield x BEFORE, I couldn’t get the bug to lock in. However, I may have double flipped by accident so need to confirm.

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Don’t forget your roots Keith! :crazy_face:

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definitely needs a patch lol just did 35B on ball 1


Nice, take that in 2M2M and roll the thing.

Haha this is a pretty fun bug, thanks for sharing. Took me about 10 attempts to break my double flipping habit and get my post catches crisp enough to play safely during Icarus. Then probably about 10-15 to get this one. Definitely could have used my 3x better during 2MTM but not sure I care enough to try to top this run.


Maiden Trillion challenge? :rofl:



Anyone know if the bug works again the next time around after 2MTM?

Anyone have any videos of this? Stream highlights or YouTube?

I know that @tazmo72 has a stream or two setting up the bug, and beginning the exploit, but not sure how big he got the shot values to.

@raydaypinball I have two episode of it. 49 and 49.5. You can find them on my twitch or YouTube page. I have made it several times 20ish and figure out many ways to lose the bug… best I be done is 10-12 ramps before messing it up. The last stream on 49.5 I carried my total into 2MTM.