Best games for tap passes

There are a handful of games where tap passing is a critical skill, such as Paragon and Frontier. What are some other games that folks might not associate with tap passing?

Eightball deluxe
Big game

Basically any early stern or bally that doesn’t have reliable post passing I would say.

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Indy 500


Without even clicking on that I’m just going to assume it’s Michael Trepp doing crazy tap passes on a modern Williams machine


Anything with linear flippers.

Indeed. Rolling Tap Pass Theater™

i still have no idea how he does this.

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And I have no idea why he does this. Impressive Flipper Skilz tho!

short answer: I do it because it looks good
long answer:

  • you’re faster. If a timer runs out, you can still get a jackpot, restart mb or whatelse that otherwise you can’t do
  • I’d like to start on I500 with the super skill shot on the right ramp and start go for the pole - 3 shots (+5 start button pushes) and the mode is done
  • I prefer a controlled start into I500, as long as the skill shot is flashing, there’s no danger to do it
  • pit stop multiball: from my point of view the best way to play it, is to let the timer run out to start mb, so you have to cradle the ball. 1. rolling tap pass from left to right. 2. cradle on the right and let the timer run out to start mb. 3. start mb shoot for left loop jackpot/tap pass from left to right and shoot for jackpot 4. rolling tap pass to the left and cradle one ball, with the second shoot for jackpots

Harlem Globetrotters

On Big Game post passing from bottom flipper or rolling ball backwards up an inlane from top flipper can both effectively move a ball around. In case tap passing isn’t working.

On Meteor (and I would never try this unless I knew it would work) it is possible to release flipper and allow center post to transfer the ball for you.


Yeah, Harlem is a good one. Critical skill for that game.

Been known to tap pass on Space Invaders.

I like to on EMs that have a center post. Like amigo or odds and evens.

Helps me get the ball to the point on the flipper where I can make a valuable shot without risking hitting a down post switch.

Any zipper flipper game :wink:


Other games/situations than I500:

  • “Stake Out” mode in Judge Dredd (right ramp, tap pass, repeat) for 100 million+ if executed perfectly
  • Miniplayfield on Family Guy
  • Shadow to spell KHAN (and Bonus X), but only if there are rubber posts

What factors do people use to decide tip, tap or shatz? Many of the above suggestions I will tip pass or shatz before I would even think about trying to tap pass. Am I limiting myself too much?

Supersonic …


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You must be Raymond lol


If I need an inlane switch I will shatz. If there’s no inlane to be heard of I will try to tap pass. If I can get away with it I will post pass.

Tip pass isn’t going to be something you can execute in 1 flip like any of those other moves. From a trap it would require 2 at least and you would probably just post pass by accident if you tried to set it up.

Bobby Orr when the post is up.