Beneficial malfunction ruling

This seemed like a simple ruling at the time but I thought I would post it anyway in case there is some nuance worthy of further discussion.

— Compensation ball being played by player two on a 2-player playoff on Meteor. —

I happened to be watching this ball as the malfunction happened. I saw what I thought was a right outlane drain but then noticed that the ball was still in play. I was at a non ideal vantage point due to how the machine was positioned so I thought I read the ball path incorrectly but then the same thing happened again. At this point I told the player to trap up and walked up to the machine. I noted that the right inlane ball guide had popped out of its hole and was resting against the rail thus providing a permanent ball save on that side. I asked the player how many times the ball tried to go down the right outlane and to his credit he admitted “twice”. I ruled beneficial malfunction and told the player to drain his ball and replay the comp ball after I fixed the malfunction. I should mention that I asked the player why he kept playing and he responded that he thought that it was a “feature”. (Unfortunately the player didn’t do well on the additional comp ball and was eliminated.)

I suppose if only one ball had been saved I could have fixed the problem and allow the player to play on. In this situation if the player had told me that it would have been a trickier ruling as I could not be entirely certain of my observation of two instances.

i was just thinking about that mid-reading your post (the player should just have said “once” :D). it is a funny difference when once you keep going but twice you lose your ball.

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Learning more about @hisokajp every day :slight_smile:


hey! i thought it was a funny difference not that i encourage cheating ^^;

Clearly i would have known better and waited for the one free ball save before raising my hand :smiley: #SchoolofJosh

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