Beatles settings

Is there a settings in Beatles to not award a mode start on plunge, and instead force players to qualify it by hand? I want to use it in our state championships but it is way too easy as it is setup now. The Beatles manual currently on the Stern website is extraordinarily useless on this topic.

Beatles too easy? In average, it is pretty mean in tournaments. With that large flipper gap and outlanes, it takes people out fairly fast. tigher slings compare to Stern factory could go a long way :slight_smile:

Are you trying to make the 2ball MB mode harder to get?


Maybe just lower ballsave time for multiball?

Gotta agree here. It’s hard enough to even finish a mode on our local Beatles, let alone start another. It’s not like there’s anything else to really do in the game either.

Tournament games don’t need to be ‘hard’ to make progress in, they just need to be quick playing. Putting an identical roadblock in is just going to aggravate players

Really? I was playing this with three top players at a local location the other day, and in two games one of us got the wizard mode and another got one mode away. I personally got it on my very first game. In general the game just feels way too easy to get to the wizard mode, especially when you get three modes for free. I’m also not thrilled with how high value the free multiball is compared to other scoring (especially when you add in a potential super on top of it.) Many of our games just came down to “best 2-ball” and I think that is kind of stupid, even worse if you’re the player who doesn’t know the specifics of how and when to get it. The whole thing of “You get it for free but only if you’re smart enough to know you can select it on ball three when it was disabled on one and two” is kind of obscure.

(Yes, I know we’re talking about top players who should know better)

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maybe set a little friendlier? I am hoping they did not put the outlane rubber back on the post? :slight_smile:

Maybe we should all be setting up TNA to start a reactor on ball launch too!

Roughly how long were those games lasting? Too long for tournament play? With the weird layout and outlanes, I wonder if pitch may account for the varying opinions.

I haven’t played one yet, but after reading this thread, I want to. Speaking of TNA, we have one local that is relatively easy compared to most others. Bowen got 15M on it recently. Anybody else seeing 15M+ on TNA out in the wild?

As a TD, I’m much more concerned about how long a game is projected to play than how easy it is to score and rack up achievements.

Not being familiar with the Beatles, I assumed that the argument for it being too easy was unlike the one you’re making about TNA here. My experience with TNA tells me making this change would not have much impact on game time. Now, I still wouldn’t make this particular change because I want match results to reflect pinball skill, and I think it undermines that idea. But isn’t that a different argument?


Take out the outlane posts and see your ball times decrease easily. With them in 4+ MIllion is way easy to get.

Plunge better and you can!


So the one you play has the inlane/outlane divider post removed entirely? Or the two star posts that are near each outlane?

The star posts are removed.

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One of my favorite skill shot awards – especially on the later reactors

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