Beatles rules


Whoa! That is awesome! I did notice that you could go ahead and start another mode while the SJP was lit but I didn’t know there was any benefit to that. Cool!


As heard on this week’s Head 2 Head Podcast, Dean Grover is the programming lead on this game. I was curious to see when he might have started working for Stern. Per IPDB, he’s listed under Spider Man (Home Edition) from 2016.


Fun game, easy to pick up the rules. The left spinner is incredibly satisfying to rip.

Some minor rules that haven’t been posted here:

  • Extra ball doesn’t hold over from ball to ball, you must collect on the same ball you light it.

  • Dropping the 1964 targets in order gives you a point award which seems to begin at 50k, I’m not sure if this increases.


One thing that I seemed to notice was that the FAB targets reset just after the currently active song mode ends. So, if you have knocked down two of the three FAB targets in anticipation of setting up the Super Jackpot shot when it lights, too bad, as the targets will reset just as the Super Jackpot light comes on at the end of the song.

Also, I seemed to experience the following after completing a song and before starting a second one on the same ball: If you are trying to collect the three FAB targets as part of the process to spell FAB FOUR to set up the game to award the next mode and you happen to do a sneak in Super Jackpot shot, the game resets the FAB targets, but acts as if NONE of them were down before the sneak in shot was made. In other words, you have to hit all three FAB targets again.

Finally, not sure, but I don’t think you get any credit for status of the FAB FOUR targets as the song ends and the targets reset. In other words, you need to collect all of the FAB FOUR targets AFTER the song has ended in order to set the magnet shot up to start the next mode.

I have played around with some of the default settings on my machine, so not sure if the above reflects behavior on default settings.


I think I’m ready to dig together a formal rulesheet on this game.

Until then, assume “Seawitch rules with added modern features” and you’re pretty spot on. :slight_smile:


I noticed recently that, following the wizard mode, the two ball multiball will be selectable at the start of all remaining balls.

I was also able to select the two ball multiball on a ball following having started it during play on the previous ball, without getting through the wizard, but only on one machine and not on a different one. Not sure which had the more current code, although my suspicion is that it was the machine that did allow it.