Barry O's Barbecue Challenge (AP, 2024)

based on Barry Oursler’s final game design for American Pinball before he passed away, which was finished up by the AP team and made into a tribute to his life.

(flyer image swiped from Pinball News)

(in my head i’m calling this “Dracula II: Steaks Served Bloody”)

i like all the little nods to Oursler’s career, especially the more blatant homage to the Space Shuttle drop bank in the inner-right lane (it looks like clearing the bank is the way to jack up the spinner’s value, naturally!)


This has got to be rage bait.

There were a few at TPF2024

What is the protocol here? May I begin updating this forum topic with the rules, as they have been implemented, up to this point? (As of this post: v24.03.13B)

Or, do I leave it to forum members more established here who have played the game? As a result, I can see how well the game is teaching The Player.

Update way!

Steve, you may want to consider creating a fresh thread in the Wiki Rulesheets category, with the rulesheet in the first message of the thread – that would keep the format consistent with other games on Tilt Forums.