Bank eligibilty for EM/Very Early SS games

For games that exist both in EM and Solid State forms, does that change their eligibility for banks at an event such as Pinburgh?

I was looking at my Hot Tip (SS) the other day and I started thinking about it. Would an SS Hot Tip be considered an early SS or would it get lumped in with EMs?

Could you potentially have one bank with Hot Tip as the EM game and another bank with it as the Early SS?

While incredibly unlikely, could you actually have a bank with two of the same game, one of each type?

A SS game would be considered a SS game :slight_smile:

They would be in separate banks, yes.

You could have both games in the same bank, although I would never do that.



Now I’m trying to think of potential “double double” banks that could also have a similar theme.

Closest I can get to is Joker Poker (EM) / Joker Poker (SS) / Pinbot (Alphanumeric)/ Jackbot (DMD), but sadly Pinbot doesn’t have gambling.

There’s also remakes, like Orbit [EM] and it’s later semi-clone, Super Orbit [SS].

But I think they should do an all-Star-Trek bank: the Gottlieb EM ['71], Bally SS ['79], Williams DMD ['93] and Stern modern ['13].


No love for Data East?

Target Alpha and El Dorado City of Gold

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That’s right, no love for the DE ST. Clunky game.


or, uh…El Dorado. :grin:

Gold Strike was the version I played.

Or Lucky Strike, Solar City or Canada Dry! I think that is the most re-used pf layout but I would really like solid confirmation on that.

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Are non-4 player games eligible for banks?


Yes, and there’s also the “not playing all 4 players at a time” situation where a 4-player game with tilt-through risk is played as 2 2-player games [start 4 players, but only use players 1 and 3, repeat], and some 2-player games are played single player for the same reason. So you can have 4 player as 4; 4 as 2; 2 as 2; 2 as 1; and naturally-single player games.

Is that the only reason some games are not multiplayer? I thought some regular games were played single player because of excessive lock stealing possibilities.

That was true of Pinburgh a few years ago, but they stopped making them single player based on player feedback.

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