Ball Save Catch Phrases

Hey guys!

I was trying to think of trivia games for the podcast and decided on ball save lines. Graham doesn’t peruse Tiltforums much so I think I’m safe here. Please post any that you think of. I’ll start:

TOM - "Here is another ball."
TSPP - “Let’s try that again, shall we?”


Game of Thrones - "Next time, I’ll keep it."
Creature From the Black Lagoon - "Stay cool, Daddy-o!"
Fun House - “You can have it back!”

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Ghostbusters - errrwaaaayaaaaaaaaa!

“Don’t Move” is on a few of them. Maybe get a list of all of those and try and get them to guess maybe 4 out of the 7 games that have that call out? (No idea how many games actually have that call out)


AFM: “Return to Battle!”

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… Soldier!

Avatar "You can have it back"
On Tommy “Don’t Move” and the display shows “Encore”

You could do a similar game with tilt warning call outs. Like
Avatar"Quit shakin’ my game"
IronMan "You are not authorized to shake the game"
GOT " Don’t be such a bully"
LOTR “Dangerous behavior, that!”

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“play better” acdc
spiderman had some funny ones

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BSD - "Love never dies"
Spider-Man - "Don’t lose it this time"
Kiss - “Let’s call that rehersal”

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While the DMD says this, the audio call-out never says this: (credit to Kevin Martin’s BSD guide)
“Everlasting love.” (Love Never Dies)
“Our love is stronger than death.” (Love Never Dies)
“You are safe with me.” (Love Never Dies)
“I give you life eternal.” (Love Never Dies)


LOTR “Don’t move a muscle”

Congo: “Someone’s not dead until they’re completely dead.”

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I got one of my favorite tilt calls on AC/DC recently:

‘Oh shit! You tilted!’


RBION: “Wherever you go, there you are!”

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Thanks for the correction :slight_smile:

For some reason I could have sworn I remembered hearing that along with the DMD animation. I guess that just means I need to play more Dracula!

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Scared Stiff: “Oooooo shoot again!”

On the tilt side, I’m not big on the game Star Trek, but I love the callout; “Damnit Jim don’t man handle the thing!”

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Star Trek has some real gems.


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These are all excellent! We’re about to record episode 31. Thanks for all the input!

I intentionally left out BSD since we played it at my house for a couple hours before recording and it would have been an easy gimme for him.

I got a couple too:

Starship Troopers - “Get up, you maggots! No one quits!” (ball save)
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein - “Don’t worry, you’re well-guarded.” (ball save)

I might go look for some more later. I don’t remember most of them, as I don’t pay attention to what they say and I forget them soon after.

(Incidentally, I was initially confused why so many of them had someone saying, “Don’t move!” or “Stay where you are!” or something similar. I mean, why would I move? I later learned that it’s meant for if you’re playing multiplayer.)