Backbox podcast: Let's Talk About Diversity!

Great discussion on diversity in pinball, featuring:
Juana Summers (Baltimore Belles + Chimes, IFPA)
Jessica Kent (Belles + Chimes Chicago)
Josh Sharpe (IFPA)
Steven Bowden (Fun With Bonus + Deeproot)
Jack Danger (Deadflip)
Lauren Gray (host)

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About this Episode
Black Lives Matter.

Please join us for a discussion on how we can help make our pinball spaces safe for BIPOC and more diverse . We talk about the announcements from the IFPA, the statements from some of the manufactures and our feelings as players, TD’s, content creators and more. I hope that this is the first of may discussions. The members of the panel include Juana Summers, Jessica Kent, Josh Sharpe, Steven Bowden and Jack Danger.


Resources: - I really like this site as it speaks to what Allyship is. Its a smaller website but I feel that it has some value.

Trevor Noah, the host of the daily show speaks on George Floyd and the protests. If you haven’t seen it, please watch:

“So You Want to Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo
“White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” by Robin DiAngelo
“How to Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi
“Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race” by Beverly Daniel Tatum
“A people’s History of the United States” By Howard Zinn

If you like podcasts, and since you’re here I guess you do, I’d recommend “Code Switch” from NPR.


bump for the evening crowd!

Great list of resources! If people want to start digging in on the readings, any recommendations for a good jumping off point?

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The top 2 books there are a great start!

I also found this amazing video that breaks down some basic history in a way that is very accessible for people that might have their backs up on this topic, and it’s by the biblical scholar guy that made Veggie Tales, of all people!


Awesome! I’ve never read So You Want to Talk About Race. I’ll check that out and thanks for the rec. Agreed on White Fragility.

I’ll have to check out that video on my lunch break. That’s wild re veggie tales.

I’d also note that How to be Antiracist is part autobiography, so though it sounds like it is going to be full of action items, the structure is a bit different than what you may expect. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, right lol?

Hope some other folks can kick some recommendations in!

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Heeeeya! I have recommendations - these are the two resources I’ve been referencing a lot lately:

This site will help you to identify where you (you: being any non-BIPOC people) currently stand in the work you’re doing to educate yourself and others, and where you want to go within your self education journey. It’s incredibly helpful, and I would recommend starting with the “actor” column so you can potentially address any items you may have missed while working toward your goals. Even if you feel like you belong in the ally or accomplice sections, it’s not a regression to review all stages to make sure you’re moving forward, it’s a re-enforcement that you’re on the right path.


Who doesn’t love scaffolded resources, amiright? This is an extensive “If (you’re doing this) than (address it by doing/watching/reading) that” list that has really helped me keep focused and realize a lot of stuff I need to stop doing or apply more directly in situations.

One thing I want to mention too is, outside of all of these resources, I’ve committed to engaging with more pop culture that’s outside of the general white spectrum. I’m reading a really great book by Scott Woods right now called Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods that I’ve been recommending to anyone who will listen. Scott Woods is a poet/writer who writes extensive self-reflective essays, poems, lists, etc, about Prince, and compiled them into a great tome. Also have been searching spotify to expand my horizons for musicians in genres I like. I am a “headphones while playing” pinballer sometimes, so I listen to a lot of punk, metal, and perhaps oddly, instrumental jazz to keep myself focused and am looking forward to adding new music to my pinball playlists.

Definitely interested in more resources if others have some to share as well.


Linking back to some older threads from 2016:

I’d link back to the earlier pinside threads (that resulted in a few women being doxxed by angry gamer men) but pinside mods seem to have nuked those.

The pinside version of this thread went… less well.