Avengers scoring strategies

I played Avengers last night as part of our league play and I just have no clue how to get even a halfway decent score on the game.

Anyone have any good tournament scoring strategies they can share?


Shoot Hawkeye. Don’t forget to lane-change. Keep doing that.


Agreed with this. Until you finish Hawkeye’s “vs” mode there is not much reason to stray. You’ll get 2x left ramp from completing Hawkeye the first time, a good dose of 2-ball multiballs, and Loki Multiball from the lane completions.

Additionally, there are a lot of points in the random award (Nick Fury) on the right. Hit the two standups to light Fury. Often during multiball this is a more valuable option than making “normal” shots, it gives you a big pile of goodies. Bonus multiplier is huge.