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What are the exact rules for lighting Hulk Multiball on Avengers (v1.7)? You have to hit some combo of the HULK drops and Hulk itself, but what/how many exactly? If you hit Hulk, the drops reset, does this hurt or help you?

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Shoot the left orbit . . .


How many hits does it take to get to the center of a Hulk multiball? The world may never know

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So I spent way too much time trying to answer this dumb question for myself :slight_smile:

On factory settings:

20 drop target hits will light Hulk MB. Subsequent MBs require 25, 30, …
Hitting Hulk counts as 3 hits and resets the H-U-L-K bank.
Clearing the H-U-L-K bank scores 2 extra hits (i.e. the last letter will be worth 3 hits).
The saucer scores 1 hit. (This also tends to kick into the H drop target if it is raised.)

There is no difference between hitting the drops in/out of order.
There is no difference between hitting the drops when they are lit vs. unlit, even though the lights play a cycling effect when the drops are all raised.

Hopefully this is accurate + useless!


It’s OK, us rule geeks enjoying knowing the gory details.



Pinball news had an in depth review of it. Hulk multiball is explained about 2/3 down the page. The code is obviously different now so I don’t know how reliable this is vs. @mwelsh’s take, but some if not most of it still applies. These pinballnews in depth reviews were awesome and extremely exhaustive. The Tron review was another one that had info on it which was particularly helpful.

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