Avengers Flippers Dying

I’m wondering if anyone can help with an issue we are having with our Avengers Premium at leagues. The operator is trying to resolve the issue, but it’s intermittent which makes it hard to diagnose.

For some unknown reason, normally during multiball, it will kill the GI and the flippers for about 2 - 4 seconds. It’s not ending the ball, just killing the flippers and GI.

It’s done it in single ball play as well. No bonus, just dead flippers and GI for a few seconds, then they come back link nothing happened. We noticed that the bottom left corner of the GI is out as well. I doubt they are related, but I thought I should mention it.

We actually caught it at 2:17:25.



It looks like this problem. I don’t know if they have diagnosed it, I just saw this video.

Interesting. Ours isn’t as reproducible, but it looks the same. GI and flippers die, you see some random lights flash like you do on boot and then it comes right back. The operator is going to try and get his tech in touch with Stern to see if they can help nail down the issue.

You’re having a node board issue. There is a short somewhere that is causing the node board or shut off and reset. Try and perform the node board test in utilities and see how that comes back.

In the meantime, take out all the bulbs in the slings and lane guides and see if that stops the issue. If so, your short is in one of those sockets. That’s a guess though. Just a common spot for a short in modern sterns.


Thanks for this we had the same problem at Womens league yesterday with IMDN. Will try this out and see if it resolves the issue!

Semi-related to the topic - I bought some node boards to replace some dead LEDs on my Avengers, but my machine is in a very cramped space and I can’t lift the playfield all the way up. How should I go about doing this?

I know this sounds sarcastic, but move it to a space with more room is the best way. If you try to work on it as is, you’re asking for trouble imo.


Years ago a former roommate left a pair of bamboo practice katanas behind when he moved out. I’ve found them to be perfect playfield props for just about any late model game where you either can’t lift the playfield all the way up, or you need the end low enough to work on the flippers.


The ends are capped with soft grippy material, perfect for jamming into a crevice or against a solenoid bracket. Use caution and at your own risk… I’ve used them for over a decade and it sure beats moving the game.

Will do, I can probably move it a little further and replace the node boards from there. And thanks for the offer Metallik!

Also, any tools I need to physically remove and replace the faulty boards? I already got the replacement boards a while ago.

Just pull off the connectors. Should just need a 1/4 nut driver to take the mounting screws off and get the board out.

Make sure the new board has the two tiny dip switches in the same orientation as the old board.

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I just wanted to update this after speaking with the operator. He said his guy found excess solder on a lamp socket that was causing I guess the GI to short out the node board somehow. They removed the solder and everything is working properly.

He’s not a tech guy, so what he is saying might not be 100% accurate, but apparently it had to do with a lamp and some solder. :slight_smile: