Autoplunged ball save on TZ after validated playfield?

We had a situation tonight in the Final round of our local team league where player 3 had stepped away from the game after draining a ball that was more than 10 seconds and many switches were hit. After walking way the game ball saved and auto plunged a ball into play… I or anyone else there had never seen a ball save that late in a ball or even any ball save after ball 1.

Does anyone know the circumstances that would produce a ball 3 ball save?

Looks like that’s an operator adjustment on the 9.2 rom:

We play this TZ often and never are very rarely awarded a ball 1 ball save and ball 2 and 3 is unheard of… so its a bit strange.

Factory setting is a ball save on ball 1 only. I turn it on for balls 2 and 3 when mine is on location. Play on!

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