"archive" containing pinball music, downloaded sites and tournament pictures

I’ve been going through all the old files on my computer and I found this pinball folder that contains a lot of Vintage™ pinball files.

Some of the stuff it contains is:

  • a lot of pinball music that I ripped myself from PinMAME
  • pinball music from …elsewhere… I can’t remember where I got these files
  • a few downloaded sites: pinballreviews.com (@sk8ball - are you interested? is it ok to send this downloaded site to others?), pinball.org and the old Williams-site
  • Vintage tournament pictures

This is a list of the music in there:

The tournament picture folder contains these folders:

If anyone wants these files I’ll send them to you.


Great timing @FEZ I was just downloading some of the SD card images from Stern to go through and extract some of the sounds.

I’d like to have them. Any idea on the size of the archive? Odd that there are exactly 200 files in it.

@YeOldPinPlayer The mp3s I ripped are 201M. And the other wma-files are 157M. PM me for info on how to get the files.

Damn I wanted these music files.