Appolgies to all of the SCS and Womens World Championships players and those who missed the stream

Don’t know if this has been discussed in other posts or not but, I just wanted to give my most sincere apologies regarding the loss of the first day SCS/WWC footage.

We focused a lot on the women’s championships throughout the day switching between SCS and WWC. I think we followed the entire WWC quarter, semi and final rounds to watch Helena take the title and its incredibly disappointing that the players and the world won’t be able to watch any of it again. :frowning: We then went on to follow the final rounds of the SCS eventually ending with Eric “The Weatherman” Stone’s 20-1 record victory.

I mentioned on the stream several times what happened but I’ll sum it up here once more. I created Batcitypinballclub probably 2 years prior to the event and we had never used it for anything. We had planned to use it for the 2016 Bat City Open but, ended up streaming on PAPA’s twitch instead. Leading up to this event I had gone through our account to change the banner image and change the stream title. I expected the stream to show up in past videos and didn’t know the archiving checkbox was there or needed to be checked. To make matters worse however, I was so concerned about the stability of the stream and our rig that I did not record to disk on the first day even though I had bought a 1TB drive specifically for recording. @PinballNarcissist saved my butt at this point when he messaged me on fb asking if I knew how to push the twitch content to youtube. I started poking around to see what he was talking about and realized there was nothing to push to youtube :frowning:

Anyways, I thought everyone involved in the first day events deserved an explanation of what happened. It was never my intention to destroy the footage or simply not record it of course and I apologize to all of the viewers, players, family of players, fans etc that missed the live stream and hoped they could watch their performance.


I was @GApinball’s proxy and nothing more :slight_smile:


@GApinball and @PinballNarcissist saved pin-masters 2017 footage from being lost in the twitch bit-bucket! Thanks guys!


No problem. I learned the hard way myself with the archive option. Now you need to export out of twitch to youtube for keepsakes.Good job @GarrettHays and thanks for all the work that goes into doing this. I really enjoy the stream when I could watch and if not I was listening Sunday driving to visit my parents out of town.

Thanks @PinballNarcissist for passing that on :smiley:


Garrett, thank you for your work in setting up the stream. I spent many hours watching and seeing some inspiring and spectacular play!

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Just stream on YouTube and cut out the middle part.

I have to take the blame. I prayed that no one would ever watch my incompetent performance again, and apparently those prayers were answered.



The video quality increase from capturing a local recording (vs simply saving the livestream on YT or Twitch) is well worth the trouble IMO, particularly if you’re livestreaming at a low bitrate.