Anything in NC/SC?

Taking a mini-Thanksgiving vacation on the 23rd and coming back on the 27th to Boston. Yup there is the “Asheville Pinball Museum”, I have definitely heard of that place. Is there anything else though? I have visited the NASCAR HoF and the BMW Production plant. What else should I check out? Also if any NC/SC Pinball league members are there, is there a league night?

Your Catfish is to die for by the way. Up here in NE all we have is bread when you go to a restaurant but you guys give out Hushpuppies! I don’t like your “sweet tea” however. A little bit of sugar instead of syrupy Lipton tea ok? :grinning:

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@lazmama might know

Abari game bar. Zen Tron can give the details.

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Flippers Convenience & Arcade in Grandy, NC.

Asheville Pinball museum and flippers are tops. There is also some good Pinball in Wilmington

Raleigh has:

  • Boxcar with SMVE, GOTLE, GBLE, TWDLE, Hobbit, WOZ, MM, AFM, MB, TAF - all in good shape
  • Level Up Kitchen & Barcadium with WOZ, CV, Fish Tales, Champion Pub, IJ (Williams), TOM - all in very good shape

Chapel Hill has Baxter which has a lot of Sega games, although they are not in great shape from what I’ve heard.

Abari Game Bar
1721 N Davidson St,
Charlotte, NC 28206

Mon-Fri , 5pm -> 2am
Sat/Sun - 12pm -> 2am

Nice free parking lot, all pins 50 cents, friendly folks. We have a selfie league running via match-play , info on flyers on backox.

Has 16 pins:
Bally - Addams Family
Bally - Revenge from Mars
Bally - Twilight Zone
Bally - Safe Cracker
Bally - Scared Stiff
Data East - Jurassic Park
PPS - Medieval Madness R
Stern - Ghostbusters Pro
Stern - Lord of the Rings
Stern - PBR "Can Crusher"
Stern - The Walking Dead Pro
Williams - Bride of Pin-bot
Williams - Fish Tales
Williams - Indiana Jones
Williams - Monster Bash
Williams - Star Trek: The Next Generation

We have some spots listed in Raleigh-Durham:

And Charlotte: (I have relatives near there, but I never have a chance to hunt for pins while there)

Also Columbia, SC

And a bunch around Charleston: