Anyone interested in helping start a league in Huntington Beach CA?

I would love to hear from you!

Check out our other post about the location here:

…and/or come on down Thursday for Free JP Pro and Ripley’s


I’m on completely the wrong side of the country for you, but if you’re looking for scorekeeping software for a league, check out, I’ll be happy to help.

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This would be too far for me to visit on a regular basis (I live in the San Fernando Valley), but I would be all in support for it. Southern California has very few leagues relative to its population, and I always appreciate it when a new one pops up.

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To get competitive juices flowing in that neighborhood, you could run TOPs tournaments on your Stern’s. You can award cash or prizes for top scores. It’s timed and no one needs to watch the game. Choose High Score, not Bump n Win, and it’s hard to screw up if your games are in good shape. Good luck. I’m about 400 miles away or I’d stop by.

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I was thinking about this, what are the currently active leagues in SoCal?

  • AYCE Gogi in Van Nuys (Thursdays bi-monthly?)
  • EightyTwo in downtown Los Angeles (Tuesdays? non-IFPA)
  • IE League in Riverside (Tuesdays)
  • Downtown League in Santa Ana (Wednesdays)

Are there any more that I missed?

Leagues are a lot of work so I definitely understand why there’s not more. I think starting this location off with some ad-hoc tournaments would be better to get the location on people’s radar. Not sure if pinball people are willing to commit to a league without visiting the place for a few tourneys first.

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