Another Way to Get 20M on TAF Without Flipping

Last night here in Portland Maine, we streamed on Twitch our attempt to get 20 million on The Addams Family without flipping and withouth knowing the secret to it. We came up with a theory that could get us there, but it does require a good deal of luck. We took the glass off to test the theory.

So we learned it is possible to get 20M with…

  • Plunge to pops for 8 pop bumper hits

  • Into the chair to light extra ball and drain

  • Plunge skill shot three times

New challenge Bowen?

… and an additional GREED letter at the start of the game that you shouldn’t have, sure :wink:




I think we can come up with other “theoretical” and “dream” sequences that could generate 20 MIL.

The one being called the “glitch” is the only way to achieve repeatable no flip results of 20 MIL with any consistency.

Gold rom mansion 20 million award?

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